Monday, August 24, 2015

July 27th

haah well this week went by really really fast!! it was so  crazy to see how fast the tdays go by. so this week i talked to the nurse adn she is having me do this rest schedule still and so im just letting my body calm down and digest my food normally and i have been doing a lot better with only a few "problems" so that was really good and today im going to tak to her again adn she is going to give me and update on what i can do. and mom i tried the no wheat adn stuff like that the best i could and it has seemed to help so im just going to stick with it and try to find some variety for it!  it is frustrating but im glad that we have at least found something that is helping out!

so the investigator that we have right now are just one the edge of breaking through right now! all of them are so close to taking all the steps they need but we are just trying to figure out what it is that they need to really just get freaking baptized! haha its like they all know. haha any advice? they just need something really little and they will be membrs! we had 3 come to church and one mayra has came before but she had problems with other missionaries before but for her to come to church is a big step adn we are going to have to get a move on teaching her what she needs ! 

it was really crazy to see my comp leave! elder porter finished his mission this today and it was really nuts to see someone actually finsih thier mission. ive never been with a comp when they have finished their mission so it was a new experence and it really weird! he was a really good comp and i learned a lot of how important families are and making sure that we organize our live around God.

it really just doesnt make sense that everyone is coming home. haha and how quickly it is happening.

so along with the dr. appointments i want to talk to you takl to you guys and josie and ely when iget home! i feeel like the relationshep that we can all have can and probably shound be stronger so the first thing i want to do is have a good talk with everyone with everyone! haha!

i ove you mom and thank you for everything! it is helping alot to get through this next month and a half! your my hero and your the best!!
Elder Ethington

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