Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 10th

haha were do i start with this week!
so we talked with Esteban and man he is ready to get baptized! he said that he wants to get baptized on the 5th of september! haha litteraly my last day that i have to work in the mission and right in between your guys birthdays! haah its really crazy!! he wants all of his family to be there so that they can see it and im hoping that they will be able to follow him very quickly into the font! it has been awesome to see him progress and im really grateful that im going to be able to see him get baptized! ITS GOING TO BE SWEET!!! 
on monday we had a FHE with some converts and they made Leche con Platano. all it is is milk with sugar and blended bananas and it is really good! im going to make some today!

so this last week we have had the biggest storm in 14 years pass through! and it was very interesting to see how everyone just stayed in there houses and we were able to teach a lot of people even with the rain so that was really awesome!! we taught 2 investigators and they both decided to come to church and they both actually came and they knew a bunch of people already and so we are excited to keep teaching them!! plus on thursday when the storm started our luz got cut and we have been with out electricity since then! it has been really freaking interesting lately! we have been doing grandpa phillips trick of burning rubbing alcohol to have a heater adn it has been working really well..... until today!!!! so this morning we were just studying away in the room with the alcohol burnig and it was nice adn warm there! we heard sirens coming down the road and then all of the sudden they stopped! i looked out the window and they were outside our house! turns out that someone from across the street called the firefighters and told them that we were burning a couch in the room upstairs! so then the neighbor lady come out and starts getting mad at us and then insists that the freaking firefighters search the house to make sure that we arent doing anything! so we told the firefighter that they could come in adn they could see that we were just burning the alcohol sothe firefighters were really cool about it and they came in and looked that we were burning the alcohol just like we had told them and they were just like you should put it on the tile floor instead so nothing really bad happens. haah then the neighbor stopped freaking out and then another lady got all riled up and started telling us off and that we should have called the company to fix the problem (which we already did and they told us we had to wait till the storm passed) but i had to tell her  3 times and not very nice the 3rd time before she listened and finally said goodbye and left. haha this week has been kinda stressful and im glad that it isnt going to rain this week.

love you mom!!!

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