Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27th

well another week by haha and this one went by faster than the last one!

we had a couple lessons planned but no one was thier but we did get to teach felipe and we are hoping to see him progres this week also. we then had a FHE with the bishop who we havent been able to visit in a while so that was way fun and we also are going to have a FHE with them today with the bernal family and little elias. so that is goint to be awesome!

so i went on splits with an elder from oregon and we were able to do 20 contacts with people in the street and it pretty exciting because its hard for me to do that a lot. haha so i feel pretty good to be ablet ot do that. haha the elder from oregon has actually been to Bend Oregon where we went for Senior Trip and so that was fun to. and we got to teach 2 people that are going to get baptized this week and then we taught thier investigator who doesnt believe in God and so that was fun to and he is reading the book of mormon in 30 days so in 30 day we are going to have a athiest get baptized. haha

well we ate beans for lunch and it was about 500 degrees outside so that was pretty NEAT! haha we found a new investigator who is a school teacher and she accepted to get baptized on the 9th of november but she didnt come to church and we werent able to find her the rest of the week. haha and we talked to a reference, finally, that we have had for almost 4 months and he accepted a baptism date in the contact  adn said we were sent from god so that was super awesome because we are hahaa! 

we ate beans again for lunch . so we found a catholic lady and we were able to teach her and she agreed to get baptized but didnt accept a bap date but we are getting there! and then we had a member who is super funny and he came with us the whole and we just laughed and laughed. haha he is in his 70s actually looks inda like grandpa ethington but he is way funny and we were able to teach Agusto and the became friends right off the bat adn that was awesome! and then we taught felipe and that was super good beacuse hno Medalla was a alchoholic and then converted to the gospel and so he was able to share his testimony about the word of wisdom. and it was kinda funny also because he use to drink with felipes dad. felipes dad also died drunk. kinda sad. and then we taught a less active.

it was about 1000 degrees outside that day. haha and i got sunburtn on my arms face and scalp. (thats a first) we did the stand thing and found a few people for the zone to teach so hopefully they are new investigators soon and then we ate completos for lunch and then we did the stand again and then i had and interview with and investigator for one of the DL in our zone. that was cool to beacuse he has the same amount of time as Josh brough does in the mission and has only baptized 2 people so it was cool to help him baptize someone. the guy that got bpatized had killed someone as a police officer.... haha he told me the story during hte interview and it was pretty nuts and sweet.

so we walked around a ton in the morning and then we almost ate beans again for lunch but a return missionary in the ward saved us and had his mom cook rice instead. haha so that was awesome. and then we found a new investigator who believes in God but not Jesus so we are going to teach her quickly before she dies haha...... and then we taught a less active guy and he came to church!

Agusto came to church!!1 haha and so we are going to get him baptized reall soon! haha hopefully he doesnt go to work in the north!! hah and we had a FHE wiht solange and alex and helped them with there family history. and solange gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it was sweet!!!!!! haha its the coolest thing to see poeple progress in the gospel! haha the gospel is so sweet.

love you all!!!
pray for agusto and felipe and that we can find a new family of 4 to baptize!
Elder Ethington 

Oct 20th

Well this week went by fast! hahah.

so we walked around for a little bit and we got to teach felipe whe still cant stop drinking. haha im never touching drugs or alcohol just becuase of what i have seen it do to him and his life. haha it sucks. and then we had a family home evening with the fam bernal and we watched the testaments and it was super fun i almost fell asleep but yes it was good! haha.

so we went and helped elias (papa) clean out all the weeds in thier yard and we saw the most poisonous spider crawling around in thier yard haha. it is basically a black widow. haha and then we found another new investigator whos name is juan and we talked to him and he told us how his wife had just died a coulple of months ago and so we were able to enter into his house and teach him a little but it was kinda wierd becuase he kinda just interupted us and expected us to leave hah os we said a prayer and then set another time to come back and then we had a lesson with agusto. his friend had told him a lot of false stuff about the church ans so we had a lesson to just answer all his questions . haha his friend told him that if you want to get baptized you have to be baptized naked. haha ive never heard a dumber thing in my whole life but oh well haha. after the lesson he was fine and we answered all his questions.

 we had interviews with presidente Kähnlein and it was super good. haha man does it feel good to just talk to someone face to face who is here to help. ( you guys are normal and i love talking to you!!! but its slightly limited the contact we have haha) it helped a ton and gave me a lot of self confidence which i feel like i have been lacking these last couple weeks. and he told me that he trusts me completely and supports me 100% in what im doing, said i was one of his best zone leaders in the mission and that he was very happy with how im progressing.  for me, those were some huge compliments from him and helped a lot with what i needed.  and then we taught jose and we finally figured out that he is agnostic and so that is why he hasnt prayed but he said that he was going to pray and ask if God exists. and then we  taught felipe again and read the book of mormon with him and then prepared the church for the zone conference that we had the next day.

we had zone conference and it was super fun and there was a moment when ifelt liek all at once all the faith that we had a zone grew at like the same time. haha it was a different feeling but it was cool and i swear im not going  crazy haha!  and then we walked around that day and we also got to teach Eldia and Elias about the Plan of Salvation.

we had interchanges. haha you guys are going to die. hahha so i was with an elder Caden Wilcox from good ole Lehi. he live 5 min from Cabelas just down the hill and the craziest thing is that his grandparents live in syracuse haha infront of the steeds house on Bluff. haha the little white house that has the tractor is thiers haha it was so wierd finding htat out haha. and he is way new to the mission to so that was just fun to see how new missionaries are. haha.nuevitos. and we found a new investigator who is MARRIED!!! and we are going to teach his whole fam this thursday.

so we taught a less active member and we jsut read the book of mormon with him and helped him learn more about baptism and then we were able to teach Juan again and he opened up quite a bit to us and actually cried and we told him that he can live with his wife again if he will read the book of mormon and pray to know that it is true. and he then said that he was going to come to church. and then we went to a lesson with the fam bernal and we ate completos for Conys and Alexs  birthday party and the we shared a lesson with them and also thier neighbors so we are hoping to start teaching them.

we went to church but nobody else did! haha! none of our investigators came to church so we are in the hunt to find some good  investigators who will come to church and get bpatized! but we had a good day and we talked to some people and then we taught a less active family! 

This week went by fast!

love you all and thank you for your prayers!
Elder Ethington

Oct 13th

well this week was super good and im excited to be here and working for 6 more weeks! haha its going to be fun adn its very posible that i will be here until christmas now haha so im just going to hunker down and start working again! hahah!!

well we taught a new investigator who is way way way good and understood the restauration better than anyone else that i have ever know on my mission ahah it was incredible. haha and he also isnt married so that the catch but we are excited to be able to teach him and his wife and are very excited to see how he goes with everything then we had a lesson with the fam bernal and we thougth we were saying good bye but haha NOPE!!

haha so we pulled weeds again and were working and then some elder lefts their keys and phone in their pension and were able to communicate with us about it and so we spend from 1:30 to 6:30 trying to open thier door and then going to viña opening thier door then going back to viña and then finnally being able to work in our sector. haha and we were goign to teach raul (the convert) but he hadnt showed up from work and sister cañas was pretty worried about him and it turns out that he was in the hostpial because of his heart problems. its actually pretty bad his heart problems and so we are hoping that he feels  better!

so we were able to teach elias y elias a little about the restauration and then we had a good sheperd pie lunch and then we bought our food for the week beacuse we hadnt bought it because of changes and then we went to the change meeting to take some elder to thier new sector they they are opening up right now and then we were able to teach agusto about obedience with the story of Abraham and Isaac and he actually understood really well so that was awesome!! hahah

thursday }

we taught a guy with scitsofrenia haha thats spelt wrong, and a member came with us. litteraly talked for and hour with out stopping. and hes 28 single and talks more about nothing than anyone else i have ever met. haha but he is funny kinda haha. and then we ha a lesson with raul again and we taught him about how he can pray better and he was able to do a prayer a little better.


so we had leader counsel meeting friday and it was super fun and i learned a ton. haha they are very inspired and i had some prayers answered for me that i needed answered! haha and we ate pizza. haha i have been eating heathier these last couple months and i really felt pretty terrible after eating pizza for lunch. haha i didnt feel like i had eaten anything but a huge plate of fat that was now lodged in my stomach.
 and then we taught Felipe but it is way hard for him to stop drinking and we are not sure what we can do to get him to stop haha any help?

had splits with a district leader that is from enterprise utah and we had fun. haha walked aroung all day and talked to people and we finished by teaching an investigator and almost put a baptism date with him but he is a little bit wishy washy on how he is. haha he is a smart guy but he doesnt understad very good the lessons that they have been teaching him.
we actually were able to give an athiest a book of mormon and he said that he was going to read it so that was awesome also becuase he was the first one that would actully listen to us in my whole mission! haha

we  had a good church. for the first time in a while we actually didnt have anyone show up to church but we had a lesson with the bernal fam and elias about the family history and we then shared a video with them all after about prayer and we even had thier grandma who is less active listen and she said the closing prayer! haha it was super sweet

we just need to work more this week and that is what i am going to focus on this week

love you mom and thank you for that talk! that is a fantastic talk and one of my favotires! haha ill print it out right now!