Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

wll we had to walk a crap ton this day haha we went from one end of the sector to the other in l2 times. haha in just 3 hours to work! hahah it s was a lot but we taught a less active guy and the we taugh a recient convert and gave a blessing to her husban who doesnt believe in god so that was pretty cool and he is super cool with us and we are hoping that he will want to learn more aobut he gospel soon! haha and then we went and gave bless of health, haha i forgot what thats called, to a member who just had a paralysis in his face and so that was cool also and the we finished the day by teaching the fam bernal about baptism and the confiramtion and about being obedient.
haha had interchanges with an elder from oregon and i defetnly showed him my oregon duck socks that i brought with me haha! we taught a couple of investigators and chanllenges some investigators to get married and the accepted! hahah

so we had district meeting and Hn Burwasser who was in my district when i was DL, her foot is super bad and today she went to the mission house to wiat and see if it get better and if it doesnt she will have to go home to have it get better! and then we taught raul about the holy ghost and it was fun. kind of a boring day!

so its was Chiles fourth of july here. haha i litterlly have not eaten that muuch food in my whole life! haha it was slighty incredible how much food the bishop fed us and what was also cool is that  his brother in law was there and they are from california and i had and english conversation with someone for the first time in a while and he had so wicked chipotle smoke tabasco sauce haha that was magically delicious!! and then we had to clean out chruch for like 2 hours to get it ready for the Zone conference with pres. the next day!

well we had a zone conference and it was seriously so sweet haha we had a way good time and we got to eat pizza haha that was fun. we read a talk called "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" it was super cool i invite all of you guys to read it! its crazy good on how to have faith and what to look for when our faith is failing!

so we taught a less active lady in the morning and then we taught Hno Elias the dad, about enduring to the end! it was super good and he is going to now make a boat in a bottle for us hahha. he might not be able to read but he sure can do a lot of arts and crafts stuff!! then we taught felipe and it was kinda sad because he is way addicted to alchohol and doesnt thingk that he can stop drinking. that was kind of a sad lesson with him. he wants to change but its going to be hard! then we taught another less active fam. and the we had a little time to contact and so guy told us that a grandchild had died in the house next door and so we went of there and the guy was pretty unfriendly with us and i was feeling good about that reference and so we went and left the card that says will i be with my fam after this life? in front of his car and when we passed by his car was gone and so was the card! haha future baptism!! haha and then taught bernal fam and ate more food than i have ever seen in my whole life! haha

el raul got confirmed in sacrament and the we were able to teach him later on about bapt. for the dead and we taught him really simply and he then taught us about the principle. haha the spirit helps him now understand and learn even more about the gospel. haha its so cool! haha and then we taught the dad of the relief society pres. who has never been baptized and is was super cool. his wife died like 4 months ago. right when we got here. and he wants to listen to us now and he told his daughter that he wants to enter the church. haha so that was super sweet and we are goign to be able to teach him almost every day! then we taught elias again and we taught him aobut the temple and he wants to go super bad so lets hope that he can go this week or at least with the ward in noviembre! and then we did a prayer with a drunk guy that had cnacer and then he prayed for us and started talking in "the gift of tongues." haha well that was intersting to say the least!

we are excited to have a good week and we are going to eat biscuts and gravy for the 25th!

love you mom!
Elder Ethington

Sept 18, 2014

haha well take care of all the fotos that you have because my camera deleted all of them that were one there! haha ill get the pics from my comp of the baptism we had this last week!

monday: so we taught raul all of the baptism questions and we helped him get all of those setteled and then we were able to also teach elias and elias about the  baptism questions also so that they could all pass thier interviews! adn then we also found another investigator edruard and he is way excited to learn and wants to know what church is true and he wants to feel it so we are excited to teach him its just hard to find him because his mom is in the hospital now but we are going to get him baptized!

 well tuesday we had a super sweet day.  we found a new investigator and that was cool. haha but the almost better part was that her dad is a professional golf player! hahaha God is so cool in how he works!!!!!! haha it was seriously one of the funnest things i have ever done to just talk with him about golf and i got a good update on the golf world. haha i know that tiger is hurt now until december and the summerhays is doing pretty good. haha he thouhgt it was pretty cool that joe summerhays coached me for a alittle while ! haha so that was super cool! and the we got the interview for raul and el elias chico done and over with and the we went and said goodbye to the bernal familia just in case! haha solange and her mom were crying and everyone we just kinda sad and so we shared a scriptures with them and they gave us some freaking sweet jerseys! jahah they got my elder valencia a jersey from the team from viƱa and then they got me a chile jersey! they look to good!!!

well we get to stay here for another 6 weeks! its going to be super fun and we are excited to baptized some more poeple! we bought our food for the week! and they we got to go to the change meeting and see were everyone is going and lead the new missionaries that came into our zone to thier new sector. so that was pretty fun! the elders quorom plays soccer every wednesday so elias and elias both went to that! so that was cool!

so i interviewed someone for there baptism and it was good she passed with flying colors to be baptized yesterday. the promblem is that she couldnt be found anywhere yesterday and they dont have a phone beacuse they are pretty poor and so she wasnt able to get baptized. kinda sucks! and then we taught elias and elias about prophets again and elias papa had his interview and passed also. haha and it was slightly incredible how good God is! haha so as we were waiting for elias to finish a lady came up to the church adn wanted to talk to the bishop. turns out they had sent her to our stake center beacuse she didnt have food for her family and so we started talking and we asked her if she was a member, ahha she said "nope but im going to be!" haha so that was super cool but she wasnt home for the lesson we had planned! but we are going to continue calling until we can teach them.

well we had surpise interchanges with the asistents and its was fun. haah ill be honest we did have the best day really but i learned alot from them. haha we got to teach a lesson to hermanlinda and carlos and hermalinda continued on her thought that she doesnt think she needs to repent haha and the asistent shared a scripture.. looked her in the face and said "as you can see everyone single one of us needs to repent of our sins no matter who we are." haha as i picked my chin off the floor she began shaking her head in agreement and accepted to prepare to be baptized. haha so that was pretty fun!! hahah and also earlier in the day we saw 3 kids get arrested because they were painting a truck haha.

we taught raul about how he was going to be baptized and it went super well and he excited to be baptized. we taugh elias and elias about the holy ghost and it was very fuhn. we also downloaded the scrpture app for there phones and it is sweet looking. and it has everything! haha i wish we had that boy!!! the elder quorom had another activity BBQ and so we got to got to that and ate some food and i got absolutley destroyed in chess by one of the old geezers in the ward haha. destroyed! and then we taught the bernal family with a video and helped the solange prepare her talk that she was going to give sunday in the baptism service!.

well we had church and everyone showed up and it was great! we got the baptism font filled up and everything took a picture. solange gave a super good talk on baptism and then we went to the baptism font and raul kinda freaked out. he was really nervous and was fighting when the members were trying to baptize him and we ended up having to baptized elias and his dad adn then after we tried to baptized raul again and after many diferent ries we actually werent able to phisically baptize him..... haha it was very confusing. but we are going to see what we can do. haha we are thinking of having a lesson and just go play inh the water and practice baptizing him till he gets it and then we are going to slipp the real baptism in! haha and the we got to eat lunch with the bernal fam and elias and elias and it was super good! and then we taught a less active and we passed by again and i helped marian translate stuff to english! haha im still doing homework on sunday night! 

well that was my week. haha try and do somethin fun if you guys are bored haha but its probably kinda hard to do. haha but yeah. 

love you mom. ill try to take some fotos but its raining pretty hard here haha and for like the next 3 days.

love you mom!!!

Elder Ethington

Sept 8, 2014

that was not anger haha that was sarcasm. haha im losing my touch on sarcasm. latinos dont understand it so it doesnt get used very much!

well this week wiill have to be quick i dont have much time!

well wednesday we were able to teach raul and it got heated for a moment there during the lesson to the point were he stood up and said he wasnt going to get baptized but my comp bore a suuper strong testimony and he accepted after and we are going to hacve his baptism this friday. haha that man is goint ot get baptized. haha if i have to bear hug him and double dunk him like alma did in Mosiah 18 i will do it! haha its going down this friday!!! 
we had the zone leader counsel this last friday and so im getting what ever you guys are sending me even 4 weeks. that counsel was super good and recharged my batteries to keep goign and to find more and more people for the lord. we taugh a little kid that wants to get baptized andhe is goin to get baptized in 2 weeks and its going to be super sweet! his name is maximiliano. haha i gave him all my 5 gum that you guys have sent me because i actually cant chew gum on the mission! he was pretty happy about that and brought a pack with him to church yesterday!
haha saturday we walked quite a bit. haha my hamstrings were actually sore from going up and down all the hills but we did get tot put a baptism date with and invesitgator. its really hard for him to understand. the fam bernal knows him and said he use to be normal but did a ton of drugs and now we are teaching him haha so he came to church also and is going to get baptized on the 21 and so we are goin to work super hard with him to get him baptized!
haha so yesterday was day light saving right. we thought as we went to bed that the phone, that we use for the alarm clock, was going to change the time by itself and so we were like "oh yeah were good!" haha i then changed the alarm clock i brought with me just incase. so we wake up sundya morning and its all good and we went and got felipe and walked with him to the church, lo and behold we walk in and a little girl finished her testimony and we ended the sacrament meeting! keeping the ethington tradicion alive here in chile and showing up SUPER late to sacrament! but we did get to take that sacrament after but we did feel like sinners for missing church!! hahaha but we did make it on time to all of our lessons after! haha but it was pretty intersting and emberrasing ( i know i spelled that wrong but i dont remember how to spell it haha)

mom i just wanted to say that i hope you had a fantastic 19th birthday and that i love you a ton! you will have a letter arriving soon from me and i just hope you had a ridiculously good birthdya without me because in exactly one year from today i will be boridng and airplane to give you a birthday hug!!!