Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Green Tobasco from Home!

Used the Tobasco on Breakfast.

Dipped Oreos from Mom for my birthday!

Dunkin Doughnuts at the Mercado

haha so we had a pretty good week adn a really bad week at the same time! haha so it was a really good week becuase we  got leonor ready for her baptism, finished teaching her everythignt and we get her to pass her interview and she got baptized inbetween the session of General Conference and it was really cool because we had the service in the stake center and she got baptized with another lady also! it was a DOUBLE BAPTISM!!! haha it was also really fun becuase she asked me to baptized her so that was awesome and it also gave me a momente to whip out the TEVAS and strut around with a terrible sock tan line! haha it was a glorious day!! haha and we also had counsel with president and it was freaking awesome! there is a big focus on humility right now and it was really spiritual counsel i think for that reason! i heard a cool phrase the presidente k√§hnlein said. all of confernce is done so that we can live the commandments easier. haha its super true! 
so conference was super cool and we had a really good turn out! it was so helpful to hear all the counsel that the Lord has for us and i could really understand a lot about what the Lord wants me to do and how to be a better missionary in His hands! it was really fun to see how many people can really just come together and be focued on the same thing and all of the sudden we hear just what we need to here for are lives from the same talk! the prophet is getting old! haha it was crazy to see! hes prob got a lot of stuff to do though!  and i got to see a couple members from the old ward de nueva aurora and it was freaking cool! haha

so now for the bad part! I GOT SICK!! haha it started thursday night and i just didnt feel good at all. i went to counsel on friday with stomach pains and feeling really weak and then on friday night it attacked haha it coming out both ends for a little but i will say after i barfed i felt alot better! haha! and then i went to conference sick but i survived!! haha between thursday afternoon to right now i have eaten KFC (litteraly the worst thing they could have bought us for counsel), a piece of bread, a tiny bowl of oatmeal and finally i got down some spagethi last night. haha i have felt really weak but im feeling a lot better now! 

we are goign to have interviews tomorrow and it going to be grate!

our pres feels like we need to ready this pamphlet "Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts" as a mission and its a really good one to help you avoid the all the bad stuff early!!! i invite you guys to read it!!

wish you luck on your website building!! that will be awesome to see up and going!!

well i think i might just go to weber for the first semester and i should be accepted to there already but if you could send me one to that to UVU, BYU, UofU, Utah State haha basically just all of the them that are close... it wont hurt to try!!

i love you mom and im grateful for you email every week! im sorry that i dont send as a good of and email but i will try and get better emails going!! I WISH COULD TYPE FASTER!!!


Elder Ethington

March 30, 2015

well this week was really fun and we were able to do a lot! haha so me and my comp were looking for this less active lady adn we were standing in the street and all of the sudden this REALLY gangster lady gets out of her car and  starts yelling at this guy on the street! haha so i only understood the words "you owe me money" and the rest was a bunch of gibberish and swear words! thankfully thats why i didnt understand!! so she starts like slapping this guy in the middle of the street and the guy just takes it! haha and the the lady freaking pulls out a knife!! haha she cut the guys face with he Camp Keisel knife and cut him, not stab!!, a couple more times and then she got in the car and left with her friends! haha it was the craziest thing i have seen in a while!! hahah but im totally fine and we are going to baptize someone this next week named leonor! she is so awesome and she is way excited and has told us multipule times that she wants to get baptized!! its going to be awesome!!! and we are going to baptize her at general conference in the stake center! Leonor is one of the Chosen!! its so crazy because this is litterally my last general conference! i dont understand how time can even pass this fast!! it so crazy to me how hard you have to push to get past the first year and then once you get there its like you jump of a cliff and are in free fall mode! haha in two weeks i will only have 4 months left!! its really just a big old joke!! im so excited to get the most out of these last months and really just do as much as acan for the Lord as i can. EVERYTHING IS JUST TO TRUE!!! haha:)

so mom could you get me a cool version of army of helaman to play? we sang it in the ward when we all left and i would like to play a cool version of it when i get home for my farwell but i need time to pracitice it.
also is there anything i need to do for my college applications? if you guys could send me that i can get started on that on my P-day  next week!

thanks mom!! i love you a lot and im SO EXCITED to read you letters every week! thank you for you love courage and support you help SO MUCH and i will put that in pracitce with the invesitgators this week!!

Love you mom

ETHER 6:3 The Lord is always gives us things to help us believe!

March 23, 2015

haha well it was really fun this week and we had a really good week!!
so on monday we went to a huge store that is really nice! and they had dunkin donuts!! haha i havent had an american donut for a year and a half!! hahah that was really good!!!!! and then i made this weird ramen egg and steak sauce sandwich thingy haha.... it wasnt very good but it was eatable!!
 so we got to have splits with the asistants and it was fun! i got to be with the guy that has been asistant for the last 6 months and it was really crazy! hahah we sat down on a bus for litterally 2 minutes and he was fallling asleep! haha he was jsut telling me how he just laughs at how tired he gets haha! haha poor guy!!! and we just walked around in their sector for a couple hours cause that was the first day they had been in there sector working for 2 weeks! haha it was really fun to get to know him though!
 my comp and the other asistant found this lady that we had taught a long time ago and when they started the lesson she said "i want to get baptized!" ahah so we are working with her now! her name is Leonor and she is really good!! its kinda hard for her to understand but she wants to learn!!

ive never seen this in any of my other sectors but it is really hard for anyone to understand anything that trys to get done! likeEVERYTHING WE SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        
what did you guys to teach in that kind of situation?...... or just teaching us as kids?........ haha please help.

we did service on friday for a family and we just cleaned up all the garbage around their department. and then we also have been visiting this family who is way cool! the father is in the army and him and his family go and practice Jui Jitsu everyday as a family!! haha its fun to visit them! they just recently got sealed in the temple so we are just trying to thelp them stay active cause they havent came to much these last months! its really fun though!!
they are going to try and get us some GRACIE JIU JITSU t-shirts for us!! which is where they train at!!

and then leonor and her 2 grand daughter came to church yesterday and we had 3 other investigators that came to church so we just need to get them some baptismal dates!! if you guys could pray for them that would make the Lord and me really happy!!!!!!

love you mom and thank you for fotos!! i will try to send granda jones another postcard!!!

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Dont get to trunky!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder EThington