Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 16,2015

so we ran down the hill that is like 3 4 miles long to get to Viña just because we wanted to do something different andwe also had to get everythingt ready for the zone meeting that we were going to  have  one tuesday and it was freaking crazy! haha got home and had time to shower and then we went out and got to work and teach people! so we had a good day and we were able to teach a reciente convert girl who has been having a hard time coming o church lately
haha so everything that we had planned for the zone meeting just fell through at 7 inthe morning! haha the computer didnt have the right slot for the cable the projetor didnt workd the extra computer that we found just stoped working 10 min before the meeting! haha so we had to start runing around and we are right next to the office luckly so we found a projector and the computer from the Job Finding place that we  have there adn it was like a huge miracle and we only started the meeting  30 min and we still ended on time to give the projector and the computer back with out problems! haha it was freaking nuts!! and then we ahd lunch with 2 investigators and we are going to help them  get baptized! the guya asked us how can he know which church is true so we are excited for him!

we had changes and my comp got changed so im now with an elder brock and he is from las vegas and he is really funny! haha he was in the army and is really cool and then we taught matias who is going to get baptized this next week and is way excited!!!

we taught a couple people and were able to do some contacts

i was on interchanges with a guy from spain and we talked to 2 drunk guys who tried telling us that we were all wrong! hahah I ALMOST BELIEVED THEM!!!

we just got cooked haha its gotten really hot here the last couple days which is kinda wierd!! and we taught matias agina and his grandma and we also talked to eliana and she totally wants to get married to her dying husband so that she can get married!!

matias and his grandma came to church and we have the interview planned for thurday! haha he is awesome and is super excited! we just need to teach him everything to him and he will be ready to go!!!

so hna monica got her stuff and im sitting next to elder dalton and he said that she put on her earphones and just started crying and that she told the elders to not talk so loud to her cause she can totally here now! haha who crazy is that!!!! i cant even handle it how awesome that is!!! haha it makes me want to cry almost! thank you guys so much and i know that we live in time that God works Miracles for the Faithful!

have fun in the drougth also!!

Feb 2, 2015

(answering question about why they can’t eat food from the markets)  becasue it can get really bad for the whole gringo digestive system when they say its "beef" and mayo" and it turns out to be "dog meat and 3 day old, unrefigerated mayo" haha and you cant really tell if you are walking around and eating fast like we do all day haha. but if it is an established place i can buy what ever i want and all the members say that those places are better anyways!!!!
so a completo is a hot dog, hot dog bun. avacado, tomatoe, ketchup sweet mustard and mayo, and then if you want to they have a version were its all that with sowercraut on it also! i like it with sowercraut! its really good!! and then a Fanta drink to go with it and your are on the CHilean side of the food world!! im goign to eat one of those today! hah they are so good!! 

well this week was really fun! i dont have a lot of time but we are teaching so much and it feels so good! haha we have are agenda filled up till thurday and its monday so that is really nice! we are just trying to keep that going and fufill our commandmetn to teach poepel!! we have this one lady that is just GOLDEN!!!!!!! GOLDEN!!!!! but she is living with some one and isnt married but the guy that she is married with is on his death bed so its kind hard! but her grandson can totally get baptized so we are working on him going to chruch and getting stuff going! what did you guys do to teach people that talk alot!? eliana talks alot and so its hard to teach stuff!

mom your so freaking cool! haha thanks for making the challenge to everyone to read the book of mormon this year! that is so cool and that makes me so proud to be your son! haha!!!!
really mom i just love a lot and im grateful for the chance to talk to you everyweek! you make me feel special! te amo y te aprecio mucho mamita!!!

Jan 26 2015

well that is really cool! and i dont have beckys emial but give her a hug and a happy birthday for me!!

will that is awesome about the gas! some had told us about that this last week but i didnt think that it was that low! haha that is a lot of money! A TON!!!

haha well that work is going relaly well and we are just doing a ton of stuff! haha litterally this branch is so coo!!! there are a lot of young people in the ward and we are just getting stuff done for the Lord!! so we have average of 113 people coming to church  and we had 7 people come to church this last week that we had taught and invited and its really cool! we have this one lady that has came to church 2 times now but we just found out that she isnt married but her grandson is striaght GOLD!! im telling you hes GOLD!! he now has a baptism date for the 15 of febuary and is super excited and understands everything really well!!!  so we are way excited for that to happen! this week what we did was fun was that im just really enjoying my mission right now! its one of the biggest blessings in my life to be able to serve Heavenly Father!! the more i learn the more grateful i am for how perfect the gospel and how simple it can be taught a lived. i wish you guys could just understand how i feel in my heart. it makes me want to be a better servant of the Lord and do what he wants no matter what. i phrase came to my mind this week and its "obedience isnt obedience, if its only for convience" what the Lord aske us to do isnt easy if we are focused on other stuff but if we dont forget which way we face it makes it really easy to do what the Lord wants us to, and recieve the blessing from doing it, that we dont really deserve. haha more than anything im just so grateful for the change that the Lord has made of me and especially that i can give this beatufil gift to you guys and to others here near me! we arte completos yesterday! in Santa Julia we ate a ton of completos and i hadnt eaten one since then but yesterday for lunch a really funny member made us them and it was awesome!! mom if i had to choos one thing to eat it would be Pastel de Choclo!! ES LO MEJOR!!!! they have some big street markets but we actually cant buy food from them! so i am just scop0ing out everything to buy if you guys come here!
i just hope you know that i love you a ton and that im really happy talking to you guys and doing the Lords work! Mosíah 3:20 El Salvador del mundo ha venido ya!! CONGREGUEMOS NOS!!