Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27th

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the food of the week is cinnamon rolls! we made some dang good cinnamon rolls for elder villatoro.s going home party! they were perfect! 

that is insane that you have lost 20 pounds! send a pic  when you can! thats a ton of wieght in less than a month! congtrats!
i missed a few days this week with the exercising so this week im going to amp it up. i did however go from 10 second burst to 15 second burst with the jump rope. the 10 second wasnt wearing me out by the end, enough. haha i think i went through withdrawls this week from the candy. i was way tired this week and i realized it was because i didnt have any candy. haha pretty stupid huh! but now im feeling a like i have more energy. now i just got to get the fat down! i have lost 4 punds so far also even with the fat i gained from the candy!

 the lady that we found was last week had a date for baptism but couldnt attend church so we will have to change it. but it was because her mom had heart problems this week and she told us the she will attend no matter what as long as her mom is alright, but she didnt attend so hopefully it her mom is alright! But she is awesome! she told us during the lesson of the resturation that she believes this is true! she kind of bore her testimony when she said it so that was awesome! we also commited another guy to baptism that has had the lessons several times so that was sweet also! he wasnt able to attend sacrament because of work but he want to be clean from what ever he has done! so thats pretty sweet to!
Familia Sanchez is doing good! The Dad is one big fat drama queen so they probably aren't getting married but they are happy. we couldnt visit them this last week because 2 weeks ago we had lunch with them and when we left the dad said that he wasn't there to "support her elders" and when he left for work he didnt give her any money to buy food for the week. and i guess he has done that a few times since we have began teaching them in december. but most of the time he only leaves them about 20 bucks which still isnt a lot at all. that was a rough week for hma gabriela.  so yeah to say the least that kinda pissed me of a little. so we have stopped teaching the dad for now but we will see what happens.
the training is over! and i am ready to using everything to bring people to christ and especially use that book (7 habits of highly effective missionaries)! we do need to find more people though!
cool experience with the spanish this week. so when we were having the party for elder villatoro a older couple from canada walked into the chapel and were a trying to find someone that could speak english. me and the the scramm couple  started talking to them. when i was talking to the lady elder villatoro came over and i told him that they were from canada, all of this in spanish. and when i turned back to the lady to tell her that he could understand english really well, i guess i said it all in spanish. haha and i had no idea. i thought i said it in english. its was really cool to see the progress that i have made in these short 3 months in the field!

im going to print off you study thing and study it. also i realized how short a time a have to work for the Lord! with elder villatoro leaving i understand why people want to be missionaries and how 2 years really isnt that much time! i love the work and i cant wait to find even more people to teach! and finishing my training also just makes me want to work even harder!

i wanna go fly fishing in the mountains when i get back! thatd be sweet!
love you dad! 
Elder Ethington
tu hijo

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6th

its was pretty sweet! ill upload pics of new years on flickr! we spent new years in the house of the married missionaries. we were with the hermana and Elder schramm . but yeah. its was sweet! fireworks over the ocean lots of food and we just were hanging out! we also visited almost all of the members in our sector too,that day!
Familia Sanchez is doing good! this sunday we all fasted for the dad to have a change of heart and come to the gospel. and as a side note i cannot thank you enough for The Highly Effective Missionary book! it has changed everything! my companion before this week has recieved 2 referals from members in his mission and both ended in baptisms. we have recieved 8 referals from only 2 families (one being familia sanchez) who ever you meet that is going on there mission either force them to buy this book or buy it for them and throw it on the plane with them! it has changed everything! we are able to talk to way more people through the methods in this book and the fruit of that is sure to come! I Know It! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM! your wisdom once again is above all other humans! haha but really thank you!
the dad of the family jaime, is changing also. last monday he was kind of  bad mouthing us with hma gabriela and after hma gabriela told us about it. on tuesday he apologized in front of everyone for what he had said. and them after that he started asking questions about the book of mormon and told that he has started reading it. and we hadn´t asked him to read at all! so yeah he is changing and the fast is going to help! he comes back from work this tuesday or wednesday and he took the book of mormon with him, so we will see what happens! Hoping for the best!
we have 2 new investigators and they are both open to the lessons so we will see what happens and hope for the best!
but also with the methods in the book we are teaching more lessons and talking to way more people! thank you again!
the grill was at a members house but i want one like it! and the chicken, might i dare say, is equal to dads..... yeah... it was that good!
haha dad seems to have the josie jinx now! Watch out for that one mom! more than the others!
Thats sweet that you got the package! and im glad that everyone got there stuff! ill send another one if i find some cool stuff!
I got my packages too! HOLY CANDY BATMAN! Im not going to have to buy candy for a solid month with everything you sent me! and thank you for the peanut butter! but we actually have it here in the store! but the JIF stuff is way better than this stuff! and thank you for sending stuff for elder artiga! that made it alot more easy to share with him everything instead of it being all for me, his fam wasnt able to send him anything, so that was great! it feels like a weird cousin to christmas for me right now, haha something like that!
tell ely to play hard and score 4 points for me! and email me haha!
love you mom
Elder Ethington
su hijo

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Dec 16

yes the son was baptized this yesterday right after church! it was sweet! we had a way sweet activity on friday! it was for christmas and there was 70 people at the activity which is a ton here. the most they have had come to CHURCH this year is 89. so 70 people at the activity was a big deal. and i have learned that latinos like to argue and blame. lets just say there are problems between the mombers from gossip and just not being nice people. haha and they expect the missionaries to do everything. haha but its was still a blast! im loving it here in Los Vilos. oh yeah i didnt get changed so im in Los Vilos for 6 more weeks. nobody in my district changed which is way rare but its really cool. we are a big family right now. its fun!

haha tell ely if it was my choice i would get the mail here whenever i could! haha! haha and snow too! i wish i had that also!
thank you for the number! i will send the package today! they said that it is about 10 days for the package to get to the united states so hopefully that is true! and presents! its fun to focus christmas on Jesus Christ but after that im going to miss the breakfast christmas morning! That is pretty much the best part of chirstmas now that i dont have it!
oh HMA Schramm showed me the christmas card! beleive it or not i actually miss seeing all those cheesy cards you make! haha i didnt think that i was every going to say that!

haha the grand sleepover! where really nobody sleeps! how was it? im excited to see the video or picture! and grandpa! hahah i can imagine him crying and gasping for air while watching the movie! haha he is honestly more funny to watch then the movie sometimes!

yeah i set up my account with my i will be calling there at about3pm, mountain time! so i will be only 2 days 5 hours and 40mins haha. not that im counting! haha im going to the house of our mission leader! and in south america they stay up late the 24th and when it hits midnight they open up their presents so the 25th is a day way more relaxed! for them haha! so one the 24th we are going to go sing to the members a x-mas song and give them cookies that we cooked today! the district is putting names in a hat and drawing and buying presents for them.
HMA schramm and E' schramm went to salamanca and they brought back a letter from Hayley but that was it! but we are having a zone conference sometime in this next 6 weeks so i will for sure get it in the next month or so!

love everyone mom it make everything go smoother!
love you!