Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29th 2015

so on monday y had to do my pasport stuff and so we went to viña again which is now like an hour away haha! it feels wierd to not be in viña anymore after having been there for like a year and a half! ahah and then we taught the mom of a convert here and it was good. she hasnt really wanted to have any real commitment and so it was some progress that we had!

i went on interchanges and its really wierd! we had to travel 2 hours to get back to the place where we had worked at. haha it was really funny i was with the district leader and it turns out that he is from Jordan High School. haha he was on the other side of the stadium when they destroyed us in football my senior year. haha we didnt talk to much about that but he definetly holds that one over my head quite a bit. and other than that we shared a really good lesson with some less actives there about Justice Mercy and Repentance and it was really interesting to see who people as they come to understand about the Gospel and how important it is they want to change their live and be better. it was a good lesson. my old companion elder brock taught me a lot about that im really grateful for that!

so when we traveled again for 2 hours to get back home we found a new investigator named Sandra. she is way catholic but after we taught her and went back to teach again she said that we were wasting out time teaching her and that she didnt want to listen anymore...... so haha that is that CHOW PESCOW!!!!

we taught our really good investigator Esteban! he is really awesome! and we had a good lesson about regonizing the spirit and gaining a testimony. we watched Pres. Utchdorfs talk from October about that one and it was really good one! and we taught some converts and it was a good lesson. we are trying to baptize the rest of this family and we are getting close to it!

so our pension had to be painted so we got to paint the study room in out pension so that was really fun and we did that for like 5 hours! haha the smell of paint filled my nostrils.... you would be proud of me mom! THE ETHINGTON PAINTING CRAZE GOES STRONG!!
and then we taught a REALLY smart guy named cristian we can teach him in english and we are really excited to teach him more because we both thing that he could be a bishop! he is super awesome he has just got a complicated life!! and we taught marcos and he is awesome to and he is in the miilitary also so that is fun to teach him and he wants to read the book of mormon before making a decision... haha so he is going to be converted REAL QUICK!!!

.......... we litterally walked all day long. we went to the fields part of our sector and we probably walked 20 miles all together that day. haha it was interesting... i prayed a lot that day haha but we survived!!

Marcos came to church and we taught the rest of that part member family and they all listened so we are going to start making progress with them and im postive that they are going to get baptized very quickly!!

this sector has a lot of potencial!!!

so i read the sacrament prayers in the B.O.M. today and i realized that almost all the questions that we have in our life can be answered by taking the sacrament or thinking about it! its really cool!! iinvite you all to really apreciate the sabbath day and make it a blessing in your lives!!

Love you All! Pray for the investigators! my comp! and the Sector!! Please!!!!

Elder Ethington

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 15th 2015

Monday. so on monday we had a good day! we had an family home evening with a bunch of poeple from the ward and our convert Javier and his mom who is less active! it was really fun and i really like doing famliy home evenings! ahha its really fun to do and as a missionary its still a lesson to important people but not as intense and i can enjoy it a little more haha it really fun!! and we found a family of 4 peopleª!!!! it was awesome becuase the guy said that he had talked to his wife and his daughters adn they didnt have time adn that it was just going to be to hard and so my comp gave his testimony about how what we share will help him adn how he will prepare for after this life and before my comp was able to stop German, thats the dads name, said " ya know what come in, and i will introduce you to my wife and my daughters!" so we taught them all and they all said they were going to read the book of mormon adn pray and it was really coool they are super awesome!

so we went adn cut wood again for Jose and it was really fun! AGAIN!! haha and we were able to  help him a ton and he was able to also sell some of his wood this week too!! so that was even better! and then i went on interchanges with and elder who is finishes his mission tomorrow! he is getting home with josh.......haha that just blows my whole mind!!!!! and it was a good day we pulled weeds for a less active fam adn they gave us once. Elder Brock and Elder Dalton taught Franco, jose-s grandson, and he had fasted jus like we told him, FOR 24 HOURS!!!, and he said yes to getting baptized this Sunday! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

haha so i got sick again with IBS. it was just the same as before and the nurse said that i just need to find something to relax me at night (i have been coloring for 10 min every night since...haha and today im going to buy a coloring book adn then we taught German and his fam again and they understood the Restoration and they also regonized the spirit and that it was testifying that these things are true! it was a really good lesson!! 

so i woke up and i had a cold. haha. then i had IBS. then when i went to go shower the hot water wasnt turning on and it turns out that someone stole our freaking tank of gas!!! haha so that caused a litte more stress and problems with the digestive system!!! and my comp had a cold also. we called the nurse and she told us to sleep for 3 hours and just rest in the morning so that we could be better! after that we with and taught Eliana! She accepted a baptismal date for sunday also!!!!!!!

We had counsel. it was Presidente and Hermana Kähnleins last one! it was really good and they asked me to share my testimony and it was really fun. they  have the old zone leaders shared there testimony before they stop being zone leaders. i shared lucas 9:62 and how we just have to look forward and have hope i what God has got for us! I have been really blessed to be able to serve for so long and ireally do feel like i have been able to help the Lord and He has helped me so mucho to learn about myself! President after told me that i am going to have a special assignment so that is goign to be really fun! They took us to a SUPER EXPENSIVE restaurant for lunch! it was awesome!!! ill send pics!
and then eliana y Franco passed thier baptismal interviews and elder brock and elder dalton did divisions and put baptismal dates with the daughter of German, their names are allison y polett, for the 28 of june!!! it was a really good day!

we litteraly didnt teach anyone all day. we did the stand thing with the questions down in Viña and then we were running around the rest of the day getting stuff figured out for the baptisms! it was a really crazzy!!!

BAPTISMS AND MARSHMELLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Look at photos!)

my eye appointment is in like 3 weeks and we will be seeing happens.... (that was freaking PUNNY)

June 8th

So it was a good week!

we had a sweet Famliy Home Evening with Leonor and it was really awesome! it was fun to be able to have a noche de hogar and i feel like we are starting to do a lot more with the members and helping them retain the people that are getting baptized in the ward! we have had a lot of baptisms as a branch in the last 2 years but a lot of those people dont go to chruch anymore and so we are hear to change that! we are goign to have changes next week but i feel like we are starting something really good!

 so i had so more problems with my digestive system again! it kinda sucked but after we had lunch it was a lot better i was just tired! haha during the morning we went adn helped jose cut firewood that he is selling! dont worry we didnt use the chain saw, we just used jose´s home made  table saw! haha it was SUPER SAFE!!!! haha we taught a bunch of people that day and it was a good but hard day that we had.

so we had a good day also and i got a hold of the nurse and talked to her about my digestive problem again and she said that i have adn irritated bowel system and that i need to watch what i eat so that i can identify what is triggering all the problems! to my sad conclusion i think it is eggs..... i dont know how much you guys know but i LOVE EATING EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! i have eaten eggs for my entire mission! haha and now i cant. i dont know what im going to eat now haha and im goign to have to kill myself in my workouts so i dont get fat but we will just have to see what havppens! ahah and i talked to her about my eye and she is going to get an appointment for me soon so that i can get it looked at. haha my health.! and then we taught Jose y Franco and they are doing really well! adn then a missionary from the ward finished his mission and we went and said hi to him!! it was freaking crazy to see how differente a person feels when they get right back from there mission! haha he looked a little shocked!!

we had another FHE with Leonor and it was really fun! we had it with that new missionary guy and it was awsome! hah and we had apple pie after which i havent had in a REALLY LONG TIME!!! haha it was awesome adn then i did and interview for a girl in elder daltons ward and she passed!!

i went on interchanges and it was fun and i got to talk to a guy from my old ward who is from iowa and he wants to go to lunch now!! and i was with a chilean missionary! it was fun!!

we taught 2 less active poeple and one decided to stop smoking so that was aweseoma and she wants to go to the temple now to get sealed to her kids!! haha its going to be really fun!! haha

that new guy got called to be the new ward mission leader!! and he came with us to all of our lessons!!! AND WE HAD A MIRACLE!!! ELIANAS HUSBAND DIED. AFTER 5 MONTHS OF WAITING HE HAS DIED!! We have a lesson with them and tuesday and we are goign to have her get baptized on  saturday! its going to be awesome! IM REALLY EXCITED!!!!

we had a good week!

June 1st 2015

that one might have been a joke but in the near future i just might no be!!!!
haha but you will always be my mommy!!! Dont worry!!

haha well that is just going as it is and i will be obedient and i will call her today to see what i can do. my stomach is doing a lot better. ive only had problems 2 times since i started taking the medication and so they seem to be helping alot!! haha with the slight health problems that i have been having it makes me really understand how important it is to keep ourselve spiritually, mentally, and physically strong so that we can be able to do and be better in this life. and if one of those things falls through we are can help ourselves with the other 2!

so we had a good day and we taught a less active incomplete family but they live together and arent marries so we are doing a slow work with them and making sure that they have testimonies so that they want to start doing changes in there lifes and start living the gospel. we also taught Jose and Franco. Jose get baptized a little while ago and Franco is and investigator (1 of the 2 that we have, YIKES!!!!! LOTS OF PRAYERS PLEASE!!) and Franco is doing really well ann we are just trying to give him a testimony but he needs a sprititual experience so that he will accept a baptism date. he is way smart for a 10 year old!!

so on tuesday we had to go clean for the zone conference that we were goign to have on wednesday and then we taught a lady that is a recent convert and also slipping in to less active mode and so we have been passing by a bit to try and get her to come to church. she didnt come yesterday but we are going to see if we can get her to really commit to coming even if the whole world is buring down! and then we taught Eliana. she is understanding stuff a lot better now but the guy that she is "living with" just is hanging on still and doesnt want to leave! and then we did contacts and visited other people for the rest of the day!

so we had zone confernce and it was awesome. it was kinda sad because this was the last one but it was really cool! he started talking about how he was feels like summer is about to start and that a lot of good things are about to start happening! haha its really crazy that they are leaving! and then we had a lesson with Leonor and she made me a sweet scarf and we ate once with her and he grand daughters and her granddaughter spent 20 minutos jsut asking us how to say stuff in english! ahah it was like we were being bombed!!

i went on interchanges and i was with my old comp elder Tinney and we had a really good time and we taught a guy from america and i met a guy who is a 7th level black belt in Kempo!

we did service in the morning and then we did taught a recent convert!

we taught eliana y matias and it was really good! and we taught that fam that likes jiu jitsu and stuff and we had another family come with us and they are starting to become good friends and we are hoping that they both start coming to church! the dad came yesterday but we still need the mom to come!!

Franco came to chruch and we are going to see if we can get something going!!

and we taught a less active guy and watched the restoration with him! haha i was bobbing my head the whole time becuase i was so tired!!!

as you noticed i got my adapter traded!!

LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 25th 2015

well this week was really good adn i think it was the week that i have contacted the most poeple in the street in my entire mission! haha it was kind fun to see how people react talking to them!

we had the grand son of Jose come to church! Franco, thats his name, is really good and but hasnt been able to come to church for the last 3 weeks and so he hasnt been progressing adn really it was fun to see him and he looked like he loved it when we saw hiim afterwards! im really hoping that he accepts a baptism invitation becuase he is so awesome! my other convert matias and his grandma Eliana are doing really good! Eliana cant get baptized yet because he Boyfriend, as of 43 years ago, is just barely hanging on to his life!! so the guy got diabetes way bad and he had a heart attack i think and it put him in bed and since then he has been going down hill. from what the doctors say, his heart is the size of a 10 year olds and he has to be fed through a syringe!! he cant even talk!!!! haha so we are just waiting for him pass away and then she will get baptized!! i really hope that i can see Eliana get baptized! shes awesome!!!

i just talked to the guys from where i bought my adapter and i can change it next week when they have a replacement!! so i should be sending some pics next week!! ive got some winners! as we rednecks say!!!

hey mom thank you so much for the print out!! that looks awesome and once again!! YOU SAVE ME SO MUCH TIME AND STRESS!!! YOU ARE A HUGE BLESSING IN MY LIFE!!! haha but mom seriously i just want you ot know that i love you and im really grateful for the chance that i have to be with you for eternity as a happy functional disfunctional family!! but i will also have my wife haha........... I may or may not have proposed to a girl.

love you bye 

May 18th

well im doing a lot better. haha i went to the doctor and i had all my results and i litterally dont have anything wrong with me. haha i have had an irritated intestinal system lately but with the pills that i am taking they help me a lot! i was even able to finally fast for the month on saturday and i felt really good! we hadnt been able to because of A FEW complications with the bowels.... just a few! so basically they just told me that i need to finish taking my pills that they have given me and then if it happens to me again i can call and they will start the process over again so we will see. haha we had a good week though.
so i forgot to tell you guys that Elder Dalton is now in my district AGAIN!! haha he got called to be the new financiero de la misión! haha and we were able to do interchanges and it was really freaking aweomse! haha we had a really good time and it is so cool to see how much he has progressed from when i first saw him to where he is now! its a really big blessing and im supergrateful for him and what he has taught me on my mission. 

we have been teaching a couple of our converts grandkids and they are really good but they both didnt come to church so that is really kind of hard to be able to get them really actually trying to get baptized if they dont come to church! so we are going to work with them this next week on the WHY of coming to church and we will get them to church this week! as a zone we are kinda struggling right now and so we are really going to try and give the example and we are going to have zone conference with pres kähnlein (his last one) so im hoping that we will also be able to have a lot of help from that and get stuff going in the zone. mom what you said about excuses is really true!  we just got to do it!!

haha thats awesome that ely got his driver safety! haha i was talking about bow hunting with my comp this week and i really kinda want to go hunting. i dont really know why, but it sounds fun! the walking part will sure be easy! haha!

haha so what is this peacock story!? haha that sounds kinda interesting!

so mom i sent the newsletter for this month so go have some fun and make it look beatiful.! haha but seriously thank you for the newsletter last time it looked really good and it helped out a ton!  that pic of the profet came out a little rough because the printers arent very good here! the picture of the temple came out really good so pictures with that much light come out great!! thank you again for the help with this its make my life a lot easier and gives me a little more time to get stuff done on our free day!!

love you mom!! read alma 26:32 and apply it to you life and relationships with everyone! its aweomse and has help me alot!!

Elder EThington

May 11

haha so yesterday was freaking awesome!! haha its so funny how things can change in so short a time!" haha when i called you guys for the first time i was litterly like sweating and felt SOOOOOO nervous! yesterday i didnt get nervous to call you guys until i logged on to skype! haha i was even happier to see you guys this time than i was before! haha its so fun to be able to talk to you guys and i t blows my mind that with just a little computer i can talk to you guys from the other side of the world!! haha it so cool!!! (i feel like kip, from Napoine Dynamite, singing the technology song!)  well like i said i have been in the pension this whole week and my comp beat me at the chess match that we played. we had to play 3 tie breakers till he finally won. I, being the competive jerk that i am, have refused to play again for the safety of our companionship.. haha but seriously!

i was able to study a little bit more than normal this week and i got to read a lot of Jesus the Christ! its an amazing book and i recommend it to anyone that would like to understand the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible in the correct way. its awesome!!!

also i was able to study the part in Preach my Gospel about praying with faith!! i invite yo guys to read that as well becuase it has helped me feel the spirit more and also talk to our Heavenly Father as a PERSON. I know that He listens and that we as people WILL be better if we follow the commandments.

yesterday i was studying and i found a SWEET scripture!!    Behold, the kingdom is yours. And behold, and lo, I amwith the faithful always. Even so. Amen.

this is in doctrine and covanents 62:9

the Lord gives us all that we need "the kingdom" or you could say "the world". Now Him loving us perfectly give us this counsel and advice as to what we should do. "I am with the faithful always" so if we want to be happy in this life and always have the Lord on our side we need to be Faithful. as we are faithful He bless´s in His Kingdom and also in our life or our world! i really like this and i know that God love us enough to let us go through hard things in this life to be able to become like Him and his Son.

i m so happy to see you guys this next week and it will be awesome to talk to you guys in person next time!

love you guys!!

Elder Ethington

May 4th,

mom thanks a million for you help on the letter! and thanks for telling me to smile! it helps a lot and it really does help me in the hard moments!! haha! it helps alot!! and thank you for the conference talks!! those help me and i love reading them because i know you guys felt impressed to send them to me!!! keep em coming!!
love you mom and know that im super excited to see you!! i will call just a little bit before 8 oclock (going by the time here) i think thats like 4 in utah! haha i would check that one!

love you mommy!!
Elder Ethingotn

haha i cant even handle that fact that people are starting to come home! haah its just blowing my mind. going by the amount of time that i have been in this sector, if you double that time, i will have been home for a week haah i literaly dont comprehendo how time is going by so fast!! haha that drink place sound kinda awesome! DRINKING AND DRIVING IS A CRIME KIDS!!!!!! and get me a strawberry shortcake!!

haha im so excited to swim. its goign to be awesome!!

so this week was really kind of interesting!! so to start of we had interchanges with some elder and i was with the first english elder that i ever met in the mission! his name is elder hansen (typical gringo name haha but at least the people can say his name! a lot dont even try with mine!) and so we got work for a little and it took us 2 hours to just change comps because of traffic SUCH A WASTE OF TIME! haha and so that was a fun change and the wednesday my comp got sick with what i had 2 weeks ago and so we had to be in the pension for wednesday and thursday! i was able to read everthing that you guys sent me adn it was really good! the talk about courage by the prophet was really good and also the sleeping during the restoration haha that one was seriously what i needed to kinda wake myself up.,,,,,,... haha get it wake my self up.... and you gave me a talk about not sleeping........KNEE SLAPPER!!!
we also had a meeting on friday with pres his wife and the asistents and it was really good! the spirit was way strong and really it was really fun to be able to be in that meeting. that is honestly one of my favorite things to about being a zone leader is that we can have these meetings! its such a blessing! DE VERDAD!! 
then lo and behold on saturday my sickness came back!
so i have been in the bathroom again and now im going go to the doctors appointment this time when i get one schedueled. haha its really annoying to have to be worried about it all the time! honestly its one of the most stressful things that has happened in my mission! haha its a joke! but i ddi have a cool experience yesterday! so i was really tired yesterday and just before we left i said a prayer and asked that i could be good enough to work till the end of the day with out problems so that we could actually work. and guess what!? i was totally fine for 6 hours of working and we taught 2 lessons and it was a pretty good day and when i was turing the key to the house my prayer had been answered and i was immediatley called to the bathroom again!! im doing good and i know that the Lord is goign to allow me to do what he really need me to do and i just need to believe in Him. 

it was a good week :)

love you guys and i will see you all at 8 oclock  on sunday! we have changes this week but while we were talking to president on friday he may or may not have told me and my comp that we will both be staying! haha so i doint think im going to be changing but who knows what will happen!! i will call you guys without fail at 8 on sunday that is for sure!! l

love you guys!!

April 27,

haha that sounds really cool! haha its hard to understand that amber is home now haha! It just kinda  blows my mind that it is all passing by so fast! haha! and i actually dont hardly talk to anyone! we just talk by the group chat thing that we have haha.  i cant believe that josie is going to college haha i just dont understand. its kinda wierd how life is just starting to get here and its really fun to see what we can do with it all!!! haha

so this week we had a really good week!! so we had 2 baptisms! it was freaking awesome!! so i got to baptize both javier and jose! javier was awesome and a bunch of his family came who are less-active members and then his niece (who is older than him haha) came and she isnt baptized and she also came to church with javier and his mom for the confirmation and we are going to teach her this week and get her baptized as well!! haha! so jose also got baptized and it was probably the most special baptism that i have been able to take part in. so this guy was the national boxing champ when he was 23 years old and then he decided that it wasnt a job conducive to a happy family life, so he quit. then he has been working in a successful job for his entire life and also was super famous because of his boxing career and everyone and the dog litterally know him. haha. he had a heart attack 6 months ago and he almost died. because of his heart attack he then had to stop smoking (Gods Plan is Perfect) than after 5 months of not working he was helping his sons father in law and the missionaries in that city passed by and started talking to him. one of the missionaries who came to the mission with me talked to him. they then passed the reference to us and we started teaching him. more than that we almost gave up trying to find his house because it wasnt easy to find at first. The man has had everything that the world has to offer and he regonized that he was missing something in his life. when he came up out of the water he had his hands to his face and i thought that he was wiping the water from his face. turns out he was crying. crying because he knows that he has been cleaned from the sins of the world and that he has started a new life. he gave me a hug and cried on my shoulder and i have never felt so acutely the Spirit testify to me that Baptism Cleans us of our sins and makes us whole. Jose is honestly one of the biggest examples that i have and im so SO SO SO SO SO SO grateful for the calling that i have to teach people about the gospel of  faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance! I love being a missionary:) 

we now dont have a lot of people to teach and we need to get finding!

mom here is the copy of the words an how they need to be written!
i will type it out next time for you!
Bueno, espero que les haya ido muy bien este mes y que realmente hayan hecho lo que es lo más importante para ustedes!! Ustedes son muy especiales y sepan que Dios les ama!
Este mes pudimos escuchar al profeta y los 12 Apóstoles, quiero agregar mi mensaje a lo que ellos dijeron y especialmente a lo que el profeta dijo. El Templo puede y debe ser el centro de nuestras familias. El templo nos brinde paz y felicidad en los momentos más débiles. No tenemos ser PERFECTOS pero tenemos que ser DIGNOS. No son los mismo, hay una diferencia….Al ser dignos al entrar el templo nosotros cumplimos con los requisitos que Dios ha mandado, atreves el Profeta y los 12. Si no somos dignos tenemos que arrepentirnos. Es sencillo y nos hace feliz. Hagamos los cambios para que entremos en el Templo todo juntos y participemos del Espíritu des Señor. Que el sea el centro de nuestras vida. Hagamos los sacrificios para ir.
¿Somos como el pueblo de Rey Benjamín? Mosiah 2:5-6
Estuvimos caminando en la Calle Valparaíso en el centro de Viña, y de la nada avele de asado! Que rico! Empezamos a buscar de donde venía… lo encontramos y un hombre estaba al lado al parilla. Después también vi que el hombre tenía una sierra! Las ganas que tenía se me fueron y también nos fuimos nosotros. De alli para comprar almuerzo mas rico, a un hombre menos peligroso!
Busquen las respuestas en las palabras de los profetas! Se que las encontraran!

i would send you pictures but now my card reader broke..... again! haha i will send them next week love you 

April 20

haha well mommy im feeling better! haha i still have to go to the bathroom a random times but im better than i was! haha thursday it got bad and they schedueled an appointment with the doctor for next monday! the health care here is so slow! hahah that was the next closest time i could go but ill survive! haha but since then i ahve felt better! haha its was fun this week and we had a good turn out at church! in total we had 5 investigators come to church and we are totally going to have 2 baptisms this weekend! haha it is going to be awesome! onve one of them was a boxing champion of Chile who has litterally everything he could want and he just told us. " i have a house family, money, everybody knows me, and i still feel like i need something else, and its God, thats what i need!" basically those are the most blessed words someone can say to a missionary and oh how blessed we are! hahah he is acepting everything and really we are going to  have a really fun time this week! haha we have got a ton to do but we will get it all done! hahha! im so excited! its going to be awesome! 
i got to go on interchanges with one of my old comps elder campzano and man was it fun to see! hahah i was able to tell him how thankful i am for the time that we had together and what i could learn. it was interesting becuause when i was with him he cut me a couple time for things that i was doing that werent obedient and i really made the decision with him that i was going to be obedient because I WANTED TO BE OBEDIENT.  i really feel like that was when i felt like it changed from being MY mission to the LORDS MISSION and we all know that that, is what will really bring peace and happyness into our lives and we will come out victorious in the end!! im really grateful for what i could learn from him and for the chance to thank him for it also! i also saw a guy that was cooking a BBQ and then he had a saw in the other hand so im not totally sure what kind of meat he was cooking but i sure didnt buy anything from him!! 

the new converts are doing really well and they are just hungry to learn and they have the Holy Ghost to help them whch is really cool to see how it helps so much and they learn and absorb everything so easily! haha its really fun to see!!

mom speaking of that i was wondering if you could help me with my converts!!! so  im just doing a monthly news letter that im sending and i was wondering if you could help me with it and make it look cool and pretty at the same time, so that i can print it and send to my converts that i have! could you get it to me by next monday if i sent it to you?

for all the college stuff i cant log on to anyother website unless its the church website and this email page to write you guys so if you wanted to send me the essays of the stuff that i need to write out and then i can get it too you in photos. and then ill just sign up for the spring semester. do you know if i still have my scholarship from weber state?

i hope you guys get rained on and then you go snowboarding or sledding in the mountains to take advantage of what you guys got! 
love you all and thank you for all your prays!! mom im going to keep on  smiling! haha you should look up this video called El Poder de la Sonrisa haha we watched for a counsel with pres and it was pretty funny! its going to be weird that he changes but ive heard from alot of people that our new pres is reallly loving. haha he will be my pres for 2 months so i guess ill get to know him a little! haha ill miss president Kähnlein and Sisiter Kähnlein though! they are really awesome people!

i love you guys so much and we will be seeing each other in like 3 weeek with the motherday call!


April, 13 2015

well leonor is doing really well and she also got confirmed yesterday and it was really cool!!

haha i cant believe that nathan is back! that is seriously so scary and awesome and i just dont even know what else! haha i dont understand just how fast time is going by and i CANT BELIEVE AMBER IS GOING TO BE HOME!!!!! SHE´S TOTALLY GOING TO BE MARRIED BEFORE I EVEN GET HOME!! HAHAHA SUCKER!! i have less than 5 months as of saturday and i think my mind just gets blow more and more by how fast is all is going by! what doesnt help with that is that we had interviews this last week and as we sat down in the interview Presidente Kähnlein laughed and said: Well this is our last interview together! i was just like holy crap!! haha the interview we had was super good and he helped me feel at peace with my question of what should i do with my life after the mission! he told me that im a successfull person and that i can do what ever i want and that if i focus on my mission now He will bless me even more abundantly after my mission and that i can just worry about the mission now! he even said i shine!! i just felt like i got a really strong answer that it is all going to be alright and that i just need to help the Lord as much as a can right now and all that doors that i could ever want and need will be ready to be opened when its time to open them! so now i just need to make sure i close this door really really good! 

haha so we also had a good week and we are teaching this guy that is super awesome. he totally wants to find that truth and he really is just chugging along on his way to baptism! hahah its really fun to see peopel who progress in the Gospel so easily and we are going to put a baptismal date with him today! he came to church this week and he really liked it a lot!! and we have this other kid Javier who is really awesome and he has a baptismal date for the 25 and he came to church yesterday as well and he is just chugging along as well! but after that we need to find more people that are ready to get baptized.

so i was still kind sick this last week and i have been fighting with and upset stomach! haha oh how grateful i am to have a mission nurse who knows what shes doing becuase i would be screwed if it wasnt for her! haha its so awesome how the gospel is becuase we fasted this week becuase it was the first sunday, i hope all you guys fasted too!!! and i was feeling really good! and a whole lot better! my stomach didnt bother me i felt like i had energy and that i was doing just fine! haha so we finished our fast after church and i started eating my stomach didnt like the spoon of peanut butter and juice that i had and i had to go to the bathroom. so then we walked to lunch adn i just felt like weak haha but after i ate lunch, and i ate hardly anything, i felt terrible!!!! haha we had to call the nurse and we stayed in the pension yesterday. and i slept for 2 and a half hours and then i read the BoM. we tried leaving but i got about 5 min from the pension and we  had to turn around again and it was really wierd!! i have never had to stay in the pension for and entire day and it went nby really slow! i feel rested but i still havent had hardly anything to eat and my stomach just feels kinda sucky! haha but the nurse said taht i just need to rest for a sum totall of 24 hours and i will be better! haha like i said a billion times before my mission. I´ll survive :)

my comp is pretty hilairious!

my card for my camera is flipping out so i will send some pics of the baptism when it stops being stupid!!

love you mamita!

hey mom so are you guys still planning on coming to get me?

 is there anything you want from here that i can get you?