Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31

haha we thats sweet that you had the bowling party! that was always way fun to do with the family! and tell ryan and heather congrats for me! and Derek too! haha

haha well yeah i dont even know what to say about ely going do stairs but tell me how its goes!
haha that is sweet that your on break but not to sweet that you dont have anything to do outside haha! haha typical utah... skiing on spring break.

this week was different haha. we had like 2 real days of working and so it was kinda not a good week teaching wise but i did get to give my first interview.  haha it was with a 10 year so it was pretty easy but it was fun! and yes we did have a baptism. it was for ailyne and it was very sweet! shes only 9 but it was a good time!
and the one lady came to church again and this time we were actually able to talk to her and we have a lesson with her and the bishop is going to come with us  for the lesson! alos we have a baptism for the 12th but we need to fix the baptism font because its with cold water haha. so yeah that wont be fun in the winter here. so far nothing has happened with the guy and he is starting to distance himself from the missionaries there so it kinda sucks there but they are going to keep and pushing.
haha no i havent bought a coat. haha i dont know if i will. i might just use and umbrella and then i have my under arom stuff that works really well so i will use that also and then im going to buy 2 more sweaters and stuff like that haha.
haha here is the stories for you this week haha!
so pretty sure i helped a guy steal a car this week. he was one of the first people that has actually said yes to an offer to help and he was in a hurry. we helped him roll it out of his garage and turns out he he rolled it down the hill and tried to start it. we just walked aways after that part.
then i met a man that was very drunk and he told us that he was a money runner for the colombian drug mafia  and that he was going to russia this next week for a deal. and then had us say a prayer in his house and after we did that he kissed me on my cheek and then kissed my hand.....

haha i think i have changed! i actually like summer now more that winter i think!
l miss yo guys and i love you even more!
Elder Ethington

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 24

March 24
haha well its insane! haha we are just doing stuff constantly. we basically have like a mini zone now as a district! haha we have 5 sectors in our zone which is huge for the mission here! hahah its nuts! there is a trio of sisters here and they are just tearing it up in the  sector right now so that is freaking awesome! im the the  ward Nueva Aurora en la estaca de Viña del Mar. we normallly we have meeting wednesday and the splits tuesday to wednesday but last week we had special zone meeting with presidente so everything was a little bit wierd but it was fun! the meet was sweet! haha my comp is getting use to pushing himself in everything right now so he had a little bit of a hard time staying awake haha. the days are crazy! haha we wake up work out study till about 12:30 and then we go out to work. we are going to have a baptism this week so we had and interview with her and its was just kinda loco con todo! my comp is hilairious! haha i havent realized how much of the american humor i have missed! haha its funny and we are having a good time! he is just a goofy guy in general! 
so like 3 weeks ago i told you about when i promised that guy if he lived the word of wisdom he would never worry about his cancer that he has. so he got baptized last sunday was going to get confirmed yesterday. he went to say goodbye to his catholic friends at the church, he was very very catholic, and then they conviced him to come back by offering him a deacon position in the catholic church, and he accepted. that happened thursday. friday we went on splits in there area and we went and talked to him. and when we got there he was getting ready to leave for the hospital because he had woke up that morning and was throwning up, his liver was bugging him, and his breathing was all limited. that was kind of a sad testimony to me that we have the power of god with us and we can use that for good or bad. he chose not to follow what he felt and knows is true because of money and the promise was fulfilled to what i had said to him. that was a different experience haha.
haha well i only have 18 months more till i enjoy our ward again! haha
tomorrow i will have 6 months in the mission! the time is flying buy and it is insane how fast this 6 months has gone by! im not even sure how to explain it but its freaking nuts how fast it all is! and now even more with the calling and everything!
love you mom i hope you get your letter soon! i sent you one 2 weeks ago!
love you lots mom and i am thankful for what you have done for me! your my hero!
Elder Ethington

March 19

March 19
haha i cant beleive that jace is back already that is insane! hahah and DJ is a good guy, he just cries hahaha. and thats crazy there are going to be a ton missionaries in the ward! tell travis`s parents thank you for the christmas letter for me!
haha well there were some changes this week alright! haha so my companion left. haha and according to his "prophesying" i was made trainer and district leader. hahah i have absolutley no time to do anything after the day! haha its been super crazy and my new companion is Elder Dalton. and he is from Phoenix arizona! haha and is learning spanish so we are just two gringos walking and talking to the people of Chile! I feel very blessed to that the Lord trusts me to lead our district. everysingle one of the missionaries in our district has been out longer than me and others much longer than me. but everything is for a reason! Its crazy how fast stuff can change!
well we had 3 people come to church this week. and we are going to have a baptism next week with a little girl whos mom was less active. the wife and the son of the family that came two weeks ago came to church and we jsut need to freaking find them when we can teach them!
Thats basically it for this week and im going to finally make my birthday cake today! YIPEEE!!!!!!!!
love you mom and you letter should be getting there soon!. read alma 7 this week!
love you  tons! and i love reading you emails!
Elder Ethington

Tu hijo.

March 10

hahaha so i saw the video! ITS SWEET! haha i had people looking at me because i was laughing so hard! haha howard.... im not even sure what to say about him other than its one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life! tell everyone thank you for the video and i feel very very grateful to have you all as my family! i love you guys!
Well this week was a little different! its was kind of a rough week emotionally, haha im not totally sure why, i was fine after i got to talk to you all but i was just trying be more happy i dont know it was a wierd week! Earlier this week we had a lesson with a guy that is going to get baptized in another sector and i litterally had the spirit tell me to say exactly to him that if he followed the word of widosm he would never have to worry about his cancer that he has in his pancreas. it was crazy and the strongest impression that i have had on my mission. I dont know about what that guy is going to do but i know that if he follows the Word of Wisdom he wont have cancer haha!
that was a cool experience that i had and also we had 2 more baptisms fall into our lap this week. one is another little girl in a family that isnt active and then another is a grandma that got baptized in the 80´s and but we couldnt find her records so we are going to baptize her this week! haha 2 kinda wierd baptisms. but we also had out night of sweets! and we had a family bring there nieghbor and so we were able to teacher her the next day and she is a really sweet lady and has a nephew also that is 8 years old. Haha that family that came to church by themselves we found there house by a miracle. we knew that it was of a main street of a hill but other than that we didnt know anything. haha we went to contact a reference that we had got and as we were walking on that street we found the dad outside his house haha. it was crazy!
haha it was a wierd crazy week and yes i am writing today haha. the president changed our p day back to monday. we do had changes this week so we will see what will happen! i like it here and we have a ton of work to do! hopefully we can get overthing working!
love you mom! how was this week for you? what did you do other that work? how was church? what books are you reading?
love you mom!
Elder Ethington
tu hijo.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3rd

NEXT WEEK I WONT WRITE YOU TILL WEDNESDAY!!! WEDNESDAY! We have changes next week, and pday gets moved now towednesday for the week that we have changes. 

haha well it was a pretty sweet day to say the least!
So friday one of the sister told us that a family had came and talked to her earlier in the church and asked when we held services and the sister told them sunday at 10. the family said they would come. so yesterday THEY CAME! on there own desire they came to church! and they are married! haha which is incredible! and the best thing of all is that the mom in the family got up and BORE HER TESTIMONY! haha she said how she was thankful for how nice everyone was and SHE ENDER HER TESTIMONY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! haha we were just laughing at how much our Heavenly Father was blessing us! They are going to come to our Night of sweets that we are doing this friday with the whole ward. haha so that was pretty sweet!
apart from that we didnt have a  baptism, the parents are being kinda dumb and dont want to baptize their daughter without having hot water in the font, ours is broken and only has cold water. so they are going to baptize her april 12 for her birthday. but yeah we had 4 other investigators come to church so we just have to kick them out of the grove they are in of putting off thier baptisms.
haha and we met a less active family and I went stright chileno! haha i had a poncho, sobrero and a guitar. haha ill send you the pic! that was pretty fun!
and yes my package came! haha i waited till the night to open my package and it was sweet to get my cake! haha! that was freaking sweet! i was not expecting that! and the oreos as always are very delicious! and the BBQ also haha that i will use wisely and with great care and love! haha thank you for the package and everything! its made my whole day perfect!
tell sister setter that i wear her tie every week! haha its the truth, I do!
we taught about 25 lessons this week but it was with people that arent progressing so its a little difficult. but yeah really we have 1355 members in our ward. and we have around 80-90 coming to church. haha yeah Chile has a problem with going inactive. its a little ridiculous at times!
today we are going to watch 17 miracles. we havent really had to much time to do stuff on our p-days so far so hopefully i stay here to be about to get to know more of what is close and all that stuff! we can only come down to viña central to buy food and thats it. but i will find sutff to do once we get time!
Thank you for the birthday wishes mom! i love you and am sending you soon! I included you guys in my fast make sure that you were happy and i hope it helped!
Love you mom!
Elder Ethington
Birthday Celebration!

Package from the family!


haha i know the feeling of a slow fast week!
hh cinnamon rolls! those are so good! haha i just might make some today!
enjoy it!
haha it is a little wierd but all the locals say that we only have 2-3 months of summer and after that it goes back to cold. and we are a little more south than i think i we are. haha today im going to see if i can find a coat and a sweater to wear also. 
yeah its different right now because there are a ton of people to talk to but that is something that we are slacking on is contacting people in the street. 
one of our investigators, his family, has a shop and they have pastries and stuff there, really what i like the best is that i can walk into any shop and buy fruit! haha its awesome! haha ill buy some cheese today too! some goat cheese!
well so far we only have contacted one of them and we are going to work with them some more! hopefully we can get it going with them and we can work with the members more in our area. the members here are so much more willing to work with us. haha in Los Vilos we only had 2 lessons in the 3 months there with a member or leader! its incredible the difference so we just need to take advantage of the situation! 
also had splits with an Elder West from Sandy, UT and he gave me a talk called The Fourth Missionary. Read it! its awesome! its for missionaries but you can use it too!

haha that is awesome about Elder Artiga.  he has got a huge heart for everyone he meets! He love Nerds and Starburst!

im going  to start writing you guys again. sorry i stopped! i will get on it and next week ill send the first one and it will for you!

That is going to be too sweet to go to DC! when you go take some pictures of all the cool stuff! 

i love you mom! I really am grateful for you and what you do for our family. we arent perfect but we are a family that is strong and we know it, even if sometimes we dont show it. i love you mom and i hope that i can help people have this strength!

i also found a sweet scripture today!  alma 37:44-45. Look to Christ!
Love you!
Elder Ethington