Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 24th

well mom to be honest ive got a lot of mixed feelings.

sprititually i feel really good! i honestly feel like i have been turned into such a better version of my old self and that is a great blessing in my life. i can feel that God and Christ love me and they are here for us all. 

mentally. its like i am really happy sometimes and other times its hard not to be sad. im happy to see you guys haha its actually really hard to focus because i just want to hang out with you guys but other times its sad and scary to see that what i have come to know and love is ending and so its just a really crazy feeling. pluss with my Elder Gardel he has been doing really good with the seizures but its just hard cause he is lazy and we have to tell him to do everything of he just sits there. but i can say that Elder Gardel is an honest fool haha he is really nice but he just needs to be kicked in the butt a few times a day and plug himself in more to what is happening.

physically. digestive problems came back this weekend and they are taking there toll. i feel tired worn out and not a lot of motivation for anything. its hard. i still have this rest schedule going on but i still  am tired when i get home and im sleeping almost 3 extra hours everyday. it frustrating. i feel like satan is really trying get me with this and then once i get home its all going to stop! i just want it to stop now haha but beggars cant be choosers! haha yesterday while in the chapel bathroom "taking care of my duties" i was by myself and i had a 10 min conversation with Heavenly Father. haha i was talking out loud and probably sounded crazy if anyone would have heard me (no one was in the chapel except my comps) but i honestly felt a lot more relieved and less afflicted i guess you could say after and that helped a lot!

So that couple completely shut us down and they dont want to share with us anymore. there fam doesnt think that they need to be baptized again. the husband was really awesome and he wants to keep listening but not enough to say no to his family and so we have stopped teaching them but esteban is going strong for his baptism and he is going to get baptized on the 4th instead of the 5th. he is really prepared and so we are just trying to keep him progressing while we wait for the date to get here

i got a few pics but my camera stopped showing me the pics and the virus it has is just making things worse so i will show you everything first hand!
i have got my goals for after my mission and its really wierd to think about what i am going to be able to do after! haha i feel so wierd right now!!

love you mom just keep praying for us and please pray for my health so that i can make it home in one piece!

LOVE YOU! im excited to see you guys!       Elder Ethington

Aug 17th

haha we did get the power back on in the house on tuesday so we are very happy now! haha it has been really nice to have light in the house and not have to study with a fire! we really werent burning that much! in like the 6 days that we didnt have light we used like 7-8 bottles of 100ml! alright that might still be a lot but not enough to think we were buring a matress!! but we are all better now!!

thats really crazy about crissy and ashton because i actually was thinking about what was happening with them yesterday! haha that just might be and impression from the Spirit!

so esteban is doing really good! but he didnt come to church! he still wants to get baptized! its so cool how well he understands the gospel and how well he can just absorb everything! so yesterday as we were leaving his house to i asked him how he was doing with his reading in the book of mormon and he told me that he hadnt read for a couiple days and he commited himself in the moment to read when we left and start reading again! normally, with others, its like pulling teeth! sometimes i think i should be a dentist after the mission after seeing how much people react when you ask them about their reading.

and more good news! two of our other investigators accepted to get baptized on the 5th as well!! she is the best hair cutter in the city that im in (which is a big city!) and he was a professional soccer player and played for the national Chilean team in the late 50's and they already know a lot of people in the ward so we are just really trying to help them understand the doctrine better! Monica, she smokes, so i want to ask you guys to pray for her so that she can have the desire and can achieve the goal of not smoking! that would be awesome!!

its really crazy to get my trunky papers! its like a dream! haha

the list of thing that i want to eat when i get home
1. blueberry madbrook donut
2. 44 oz mountain dew (easy on the ice) from maverick.
3. carls jr monster biscuit. (with BBQ sauce if possible..... Sweet baby rays)

and that would be it for now! ill update you if there is anything else!!

 also this week was pretty scarry!
my comp Elder Gardel, had two siezures on thursday! i was doing my rest thing, so that i dont have digestive problems, and all of the suddent the bed started shaking and i look down and he was convulsing after that passed he was contious of what what happening but barely and my other comp elder pedersen called the nurse and was getting intructions from her. turns out elder gardel has had this his whole life and is taking pills for it but for some reason it happened to him. and then that night it also happened to him again and we were up till like 12 with him and then me and elder pedersen couldnt fall asleep till 3 in the morning and since then everytime we are sleeping and he moves i wake up with my heart beating and think he is having a seizure again. haha i have had a few nights where i havent gone to bed till late. but he hasnt had anyproblems since and just here waiting to help him if anything happens again.

but dont worry we gave him a blessing and the Lord is helping us a lot!!
we had a good week!
love you all!
Elder Ethington

Geneology work!! 1 nephi 5:14-17 we will have the spirit with us and recieve personal revelation!

Aug 10th

haha were do i start with this week!
so we talked with Esteban and man he is ready to get baptized! he said that he wants to get baptized on the 5th of september! haha litteraly my last day that i have to work in the mission and right in between your guys birthdays! haah its really crazy!! he wants all of his family to be there so that they can see it and im hoping that they will be able to follow him very quickly into the font! it has been awesome to see him progress and im really grateful that im going to be able to see him get baptized! ITS GOING TO BE SWEET!!! 
on monday we had a FHE with some converts and they made Leche con Platano. all it is is milk with sugar and blended bananas and it is really good! im going to make some today!

so this last week we have had the biggest storm in 14 years pass through! and it was very interesting to see how everyone just stayed in there houses and we were able to teach a lot of people even with the rain so that was really awesome!! we taught 2 investigators and they both decided to come to church and they both actually came and they knew a bunch of people already and so we are excited to keep teaching them!! plus on thursday when the storm started our luz got cut and we have been with out electricity since then! it has been really freaking interesting lately! we have been doing grandpa phillips trick of burning rubbing alcohol to have a heater adn it has been working really well..... until today!!!! so this morning we were just studying away in the room with the alcohol burnig and it was nice adn warm there! we heard sirens coming down the road and then all of the sudden they stopped! i looked out the window and they were outside our house! turns out that someone from across the street called the firefighters and told them that we were burning a couch in the room upstairs! so then the neighbor lady come out and starts getting mad at us and then insists that the freaking firefighters search the house to make sure that we arent doing anything! so we told the firefighter that they could come in adn they could see that we were just burning the alcohol sothe firefighters were really cool about it and they came in and looked that we were burning the alcohol just like we had told them and they were just like you should put it on the tile floor instead so nothing really bad happens. haah then the neighbor stopped freaking out and then another lady got all riled up and started telling us off and that we should have called the company to fix the problem (which we already did and they told us we had to wait till the storm passed) but i had to tell her  3 times and not very nice the 3rd time before she listened and finally said goodbye and left. haha this week has been kinda stressful and im glad that it isnt going to rain this week.

love you mom!!!

Aug 3rd

this is who i was with for the first 3 days of my week! he is from arizona and his parents are from tonga! elder nasilai is a really cool guy and can do all the sweet poly stuff.... beatbox, plays the uke piano and the guitar,and can freestyle rap. and he has got a full ride scholarship to go play football for a college in arzona when he gett back from his mission! he is really cool and i enjoyed working with him for 3 days!
about the card if it doesnt cost to much to overnight the card sure but have about140 in cash with me that im going to save for anything that will come up and my card is going to actually last till the end of august cause i was able to take out money today ( in august)

well this week was a pretty good one and it was fun too!!

so on monday i said goodbye to my comp. it was crazy to see someone finish thier mission. haha it didnt seem real!! it was kinda sad saying goodbye to him but i felt my shoulders relax unconsiously right after and i felt like i learned a lot from him and i feel like i had a good impact on him and helped him be better.
and then i was with elder nasilai (who i just send you a video of) he is super awesome. we had a little bit of a rough time in the sector for those 3 days but we got along really well and we laughed quite a bit!

it was really cool on wednesday he got called to be a district leader and a trainer at the same time and he was SUPER nervous and it awesome to be able to help him a little and give hima  little direction and help him know what to expect and what to do!!
at the change meeting i got to talk to elder brock and elder dalton a little bit and they are super aweseom!! i was a little jealous of them because with the new mission pres. they are doing a lot of fun stuff as a district! like waking up at 5.30 to play soccer at the church because normal missionaries andthe office elders have different p-days so they got permission to got do that! haha thanks to elder brock we got to watch the Chile VS Arg game.. haha he was the one who asked for permision! haha and then elder dalton to me that i would be gettin another assignment and so it turns out that i now have 2 companios! im in a trio! and im here with and elder who is just a little bit different and a little lazy and then im with another elder who is a really good missionary. elder gardel is from argentina and elder pedersen is from oregon!! haha i showed elder Pedersen my Oregon Ducks socks that i have and he was pretty excited about that one! haha he is a really good elder!

so with my stomach it has been going really good and i actually havent hardly anypromblems! like one and thats it! im might be having to do this rest thing for the rest of my mission if that is the only thing that is fixing it but today im goin to call the nurse and see what she says!! BUT hahah i got a cold on thursday  and had some major ear pain on thursday night that luckly went away after a blessing, and a sock heated up and filled up with rice, pushed against my ear for like and hour! haha it was a wierd but it worked!! and then have just been sneezing and coughing a lot lately haha! if its not one thing it the other, right?!

so for like the last week i ahve felt that i just needed to talk to ouir investigator Esteban and just sincerly talk to him, one on one and see what he feels about getting baptized and everything in general about the church and what we are teaching. so yesterday after church i had a chance to talk to him one on one and he told me that he feels like he recieved a confirmation on everything and that he wants to get baptized!! he said that he was going to talk to his parents and this tuesday he is going to tell us the date for when he is going to get baptized! haha he is going to put his own baptism date!! haha he is super awesome and im really excited to see him make a covenant with God!! its going to be awesome!!

and on sunday my comp also got way dizzy and couldnt like sit up out of bed and we should up to church a few min late because he was trying to get ready without falling over! haha it was a little nuts!!

but over all we had a really good week and im excited to see what these next 5 week brings haha. its so crazy! it hit me this last week that im actually going to walk around in the kitchen and finnally get ot see the hard wood floors this and everything. haha it was a really wierd feeling think about that! its like dream!!
we are all children of God and Christ and i know there plan is perfect and when something goes wrong in our life that means we just have to open our eyes and see what it is that God REALLY wants us to do in that moment and i know that through the atonement we are able to change dirrections in our life and be free of sin and full of energy!!

love yo mom!

Elder Thomas Ethington

July 27th

haah well this week went by really really fast!! it was so  crazy to see how fast the tdays go by. so this week i talked to the nurse adn she is having me do this rest schedule still and so im just letting my body calm down and digest my food normally and i have been doing a lot better with only a few "problems" so that was really good and today im going to tak to her again adn she is going to give me and update on what i can do. and mom i tried the no wheat adn stuff like that the best i could and it has seemed to help so im just going to stick with it and try to find some variety for it!  it is frustrating but im glad that we have at least found something that is helping out!

so the investigator that we have right now are just one the edge of breaking through right now! all of them are so close to taking all the steps they need but we are just trying to figure out what it is that they need to really just get freaking baptized! haha its like they all know. haha any advice? they just need something really little and they will be membrs! we had 3 come to church and one mayra has came before but she had problems with other missionaries before but for her to come to church is a big step adn we are going to have to get a move on teaching her what she needs ! 

it was really crazy to see my comp leave! elder porter finished his mission this today and it was really nuts to see someone actually finsih thier mission. ive never been with a comp when they have finished their mission so it was a new experence and it really weird! he was a really good comp and i learned a lot of how important families are and making sure that we organize our live around God.

it really just doesnt make sense that everyone is coming home. haha and how quickly it is happening.

so along with the dr. appointments i want to talk to you takl to you guys and josie and ely when iget home! i feeel like the relationshep that we can all have can and probably shound be stronger so the first thing i want to do is have a good talk with everyone with everyone! haha!

i ove you mom and thank you for everything! it is helping alot to get through this next month and a half! your my hero and your the best!!
Elder Ethington

July 20th

so on monday we were able to rest up a little bit in the pension and then we had a really good family home evening with and investigator and his family who are members. we watched the video "The Masters touch" and it just talks about a violin (us) and how when played correctly buy someone who knows what they are doing (God) everything goes better in our life and the people that matter most see who we really are! its a really good video and we had a good time!

we had conference with our new Pres and his wife!
it was really fun and he is really good and teaching. he was the president of institute in Santiago and so he understands really welll how to teach so that people understand and want to learn more adn so he shared some of his wisdom with us!  so we were excited for that and we had a really good time at the conference and president díaz is a really loving guy and is really sincere in what he says and does! Im jealous of the missionaries that are going to be here to really get to know him! but not too jealous. haha im going to get to be with my family soon! and then i got my glasses also! haha HIPSTER CRAZE HARD CORE!! haha i figured i might as well try it out while im here and if i dont like how it looks i can change when i get home! haha it feels really different to have glasses! and man i was BLIND!!!!!! haha after putting on the glasses it was a big change and serioiusly i couldnt even handle it! haha i could actually see! its awesome! and i feel like my head is a lot clearer now!

well the digestive problems have came back and really its freaking annoying! haha we did service but i was really tired the whole day which usually doesnt happen to me. haha i have been blessed with energy for all of my mission but it was a pretty hard day! so we taught a few lessons and the nurse told me to eat like beans and rice bread oatmeal and try not to eat the meat that if its not fresh fresh or something that has to be safe (something packaged good.....thats from the states..). and we taught an investigator and she was really sick and tired and we were able to give her a blessing and immediately after the blessing she felt a lot better and she was a lot more excited to have us come back! and then we talked with and ex stake pres that lives in our ward and he is really smart! 

so my digestive probs continued and i talked to the nurse again in the night time and she is having me rest right after our comp studies for and hour and and hour after we have lunch so that my stomach can relax and digest normally. my comp thinks that im suffering from exhaution and thats why its going bad. the 2 hours of rest i just fall right asleep so haha maybe i am a light worked haha. it has helped a lot along with not eating the bad meat has helped a lot and i feel a lot better and so i am going to find and alternative for the meat so that i dont get fat from eating all these grains!! one of our investigators realized by himself that if he doesnt get baptized he is going to spirit prision. haha that was a big step for him and we hope to get things going more! his wife just got made relief society pres too so  we are exicted!

we didnt teach anyone and it was kind of a really fast day.

we had lunch with someone that live in the campo and it was really fun but it was a long walk and then after we taught a few people  and some less active poeple that just started commenting very rudely about the temples and it was a really intense lesson to say the least. our bishop cam with us and it was good because they really formed a good relationship with him after that and came to church on sunday! haha it was a goofy lesson!

we had 24 people come to church but we had a lot fo people sign up for the activity that we are going to do this week so we are hoping to see some good results from that!

love you mom!

Jul 13th

hey so i have got a question.
the glasses that have im thinking of gettting are one that i like.i am thinking that if i get these glasses here than i can have a pair of glasses that i like already and then when i get home i can just get contacts instead of gettting glasses and contacts. what do you think of that? i can get cheaper glasses to here im going to look around a little more and see what they is to get!

so we had a FHE with and ex-stake pres and it was good and they had a waffle iron so we ate waffles! haha it was really good and with manjar they are pretty amazing!! and then we watched so videos with a a convert and his mom who is and investigator about how to get a testimony and the lady, sofia, said that she really liked the video! lets just hope she puts it into practice.

so we had lunch with the bishop and it was a really good time! he is a really smart guy so that is nice having lunch with them. and then we taught a less active lady who is really funny but she isnt going to church and that is definelñtly a problem! haha its really hard sometimes to help people understand that all this stuff is so important sometimes!! haha dn then we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie with our really good investigator (Esteban) and his family (Sandra, his mom, and alexandra, his sister) and it was really crazy to see how impacted they were to see the persecution that happened in the beginning of the Church. haha they were tought people!

so we taught some more investigators about prophets and they really liked it and one of the ladies asked for a Book of 
Mormon so that was awesome BUT she doesnt live in this sector! so we will have to pass the reference but she will be a really good investigator!

haha so we went to this house to teach a lady and her dad answered the door and told us to come in and wait. as we were talking he was like "man im just trying right now to get some of my family history done  for my grandkids so that i can give them something to nice!" so we very quickly asked him for his computer and we make him and account and showed him how to start his family history and get things rolling for him! haha it was a really crazy coinsidence that happened and i know it was for a reason! his name is roberto! pray for him and his daughter camlia please! haha please pray for all the investigators really!........ and the memeber also....... wouldnt hurt........

 in the morning we went and looked for a new window for the bathroom because we dont have the top half in the bathroom! haha its currently covered with plastic bags and tape! it add just a touch of redneck zing to the place.... YYEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA! and the we had another lesson with Esteban and his dad adn w talked about eternal families and estaban just hardcore testified to his dad (like esteban was a member for a long time) that their is anothr life after this and that we need to prepare adn that he knows this is the church that he need to belong to! haha the kid is GOLD!!! please pray for him and his fam!!

we taught a few less actives and we watched "together Forever" with Sofia and her son who is the recent convert and it really is a good cheesy, Spirit inviting movie and the mom really liked it and she opened up a little and told us that she wasnt reading and that she was going to do a better job about it!

it rained all day! haha so we took advantage of the situation and watched 17 milagros with a less active family and it made them all cry! haha its a really humbling movie!! i also got to watch Ephraims Rescuethis week and it really makes me want to be read at all times for the call of the Lord in my life. i found it really cool that we all have talents and we just have to use them. that requires action. Movement. love for God and our brother. and it really helped me understand how i can help in this life!

so that was my week and im feeling a litte better about everything and i feel like i have been progressing alot.
and learning a ton also about what i can to do to feel better.
with my stomach i have been doing good till breakfast in the morning and it has been the last couple days i have had some problems with my stomach and im going to change my a little my diet to see in i can get better. i have been eating hamburger patties and vegtables in the morning. haha i dont really know what is going on with me anymore haha i just have to try and fix it now!

i will pray for josie send her an email every week! and a letter as soon as i can!

mom i want to thank you for the way you raised me! i really can say that i have felt the blessings of your teachings in my life and it has helped a lot to be able to not just get through my mission but to enjoy it and focus on others to get here! THANK YOU MOM FOR EVERYTHING! my comps favorite saying right now is "no pain no gain" and you have gone through a lot to raise us and like you said you have had stress problems for the last 20 years but i can express to you how greatful i am for the way that you have raised me. you truly have magnified your calling as a mom and you and dada have taken our family right to the door of the celestial kingdom! keep trying adn praying mom! i love you so much and i just want to thank you for your help in everything!!


Friday, July 10, 2015

July 6th 2015

so i just got out of the doctors office for my eye and it turns out that i have got a stigmatism (i think that is what its called) and so i will be getting glasses in like that next week! they gave me a perscription and so i will be going to look quite hipster in the next week or so! do you guys think that i should wait to get nice glasses at home or should i get some that will make it last me till i get home? its going to be really wierd!! mom dont you have a stigmatism also with one of you eyes? and doesnt grandpa phillips have one or had one at least? that lady said it is probably genetic!

so we had a change of president this week! its really wierd but that is how life is we got lots of changes in it!! haha so the first change that we had was on friday!! haha we got the news that we were able to watch the game betweeen chile and argentina for the final game of the american cup on saturday!! (im not going to send pictures this week because we are in the same cyber that i got the virus last time but i will next week!! THE GAME WAS AWESOME!! haha we got to watch all 120 min, they went  into overtime, and the penalties that they did and i even got it recorded when alexis sanchez make the last penalty to win the game! haha me and my comp wore my jerseys that i have and we really enjoyed it a lot! it felt wierd to be able to just sit down and watch TV haa that wa the first time in  a year and a half that i havent watched tv like that haha! it was aweseom!!!

we also had a miracle this week too!! so CHile is in a drought right now that is really bad and so the area 70's decided to do a fast fromsaturday to sunday so that it would fast! haha guess what! it rained after church on sunday! THE CHURCH IS TRUE LADYS AND GENTLEMEN!!! haha it was really cool and i wasnt in the least bit angry to walk around in the rain.

me and my comp are gettin along really well and i feel like we are progressing very good as a companionship. its  hard to seee really big results in this ward but it isnt impossible! haha we had 19 people com to church this last week. like everyone that was at the dinner table in the picture went to church. with the same amount of kids also! hahah its really intersting an there is a lot of work to be done here!

im feeling good and im drinking lemon weed at night that some members gave us so that i can sleep and rest my body more. haha it helps A LOT!!!

love you mom!! sorry that the letter is so short!! not enought time to write sometimes!!!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29th 2015

so on monday y had to do my pasport stuff and so we went to viña again which is now like an hour away haha! it feels wierd to not be in viña anymore after having been there for like a year and a half! ahah and then we taught the mom of a convert here and it was good. she hasnt really wanted to have any real commitment and so it was some progress that we had!

i went on interchanges and its really wierd! we had to travel 2 hours to get back to the place where we had worked at. haha it was really funny i was with the district leader and it turns out that he is from Jordan High School. haha he was on the other side of the stadium when they destroyed us in football my senior year. haha we didnt talk to much about that but he definetly holds that one over my head quite a bit. and other than that we shared a really good lesson with some less actives there about Justice Mercy and Repentance and it was really interesting to see who people as they come to understand about the Gospel and how important it is they want to change their live and be better. it was a good lesson. my old companion elder brock taught me a lot about that im really grateful for that!

so when we traveled again for 2 hours to get back home we found a new investigator named Sandra. she is way catholic but after we taught her and went back to teach again she said that we were wasting out time teaching her and that she didnt want to listen anymore...... so haha that is that CHOW PESCOW!!!!

we taught our really good investigator Esteban! he is really awesome! and we had a good lesson about regonizing the spirit and gaining a testimony. we watched Pres. Utchdorfs talk from October about that one and it was really good one! and we taught some converts and it was a good lesson. we are trying to baptize the rest of this family and we are getting close to it!

so our pension had to be painted so we got to paint the study room in out pension so that was really fun and we did that for like 5 hours! haha the smell of paint filled my nostrils.... you would be proud of me mom! THE ETHINGTON PAINTING CRAZE GOES STRONG!!
and then we taught a REALLY smart guy named cristian we can teach him in english and we are really excited to teach him more because we both thing that he could be a bishop! he is super awesome he has just got a complicated life!! and we taught marcos and he is awesome to and he is in the miilitary also so that is fun to teach him and he wants to read the book of mormon before making a decision... haha so he is going to be converted REAL QUICK!!!

.......... we litterally walked all day long. we went to the fields part of our sector and we probably walked 20 miles all together that day. haha it was interesting... i prayed a lot that day haha but we survived!!

Marcos came to church and we taught the rest of that part member family and they all listened so we are going to start making progress with them and im postive that they are going to get baptized very quickly!!

this sector has a lot of potencial!!!

so i read the sacrament prayers in the B.O.M. today and i realized that almost all the questions that we have in our life can be answered by taking the sacrament or thinking about it! its really cool!! iinvite you all to really apreciate the sabbath day and make it a blessing in your lives!!

Love you All! Pray for the investigators! my comp! and the Sector!! Please!!!!

Elder Ethington

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 15th 2015

Monday. so on monday we had a good day! we had an family home evening with a bunch of poeple from the ward and our convert Javier and his mom who is less active! it was really fun and i really like doing famliy home evenings! ahha its really fun to do and as a missionary its still a lesson to important people but not as intense and i can enjoy it a little more haha it really fun!! and we found a family of 4 peopleª!!!! it was awesome becuase the guy said that he had talked to his wife and his daughters adn they didnt have time adn that it was just going to be to hard and so my comp gave his testimony about how what we share will help him adn how he will prepare for after this life and before my comp was able to stop German, thats the dads name, said " ya know what come in, and i will introduce you to my wife and my daughters!" so we taught them all and they all said they were going to read the book of mormon adn pray and it was really coool they are super awesome!

so we went adn cut wood again for Jose and it was really fun! AGAIN!! haha and we were able to  help him a ton and he was able to also sell some of his wood this week too!! so that was even better! and then i went on interchanges with and elder who is finishes his mission tomorrow! he is getting home with josh.......haha that just blows my whole mind!!!!! and it was a good day we pulled weeds for a less active fam adn they gave us once. Elder Brock and Elder Dalton taught Franco, jose-s grandson, and he had fasted jus like we told him, FOR 24 HOURS!!!, and he said yes to getting baptized this Sunday! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

haha so i got sick again with IBS. it was just the same as before and the nurse said that i just need to find something to relax me at night (i have been coloring for 10 min every night since...haha and today im going to buy a coloring book adn then we taught German and his fam again and they understood the Restoration and they also regonized the spirit and that it was testifying that these things are true! it was a really good lesson!! 

so i woke up and i had a cold. haha. then i had IBS. then when i went to go shower the hot water wasnt turning on and it turns out that someone stole our freaking tank of gas!!! haha so that caused a litte more stress and problems with the digestive system!!! and my comp had a cold also. we called the nurse and she told us to sleep for 3 hours and just rest in the morning so that we could be better! after that we with and taught Eliana! She accepted a baptismal date for sunday also!!!!!!!

We had counsel. it was Presidente and Hermana Kähnleins last one! it was really good and they asked me to share my testimony and it was really fun. they  have the old zone leaders shared there testimony before they stop being zone leaders. i shared lucas 9:62 and how we just have to look forward and have hope i what God has got for us! I have been really blessed to be able to serve for so long and ireally do feel like i have been able to help the Lord and He has helped me so mucho to learn about myself! President after told me that i am going to have a special assignment so that is goign to be really fun! They took us to a SUPER EXPENSIVE restaurant for lunch! it was awesome!!! ill send pics!
and then eliana y Franco passed thier baptismal interviews and elder brock and elder dalton did divisions and put baptismal dates with the daughter of German, their names are allison y polett, for the 28 of june!!! it was a really good day!

we litteraly didnt teach anyone all day. we did the stand thing with the questions down in Viña and then we were running around the rest of the day getting stuff figured out for the baptisms! it was a really crazzy!!!

BAPTISMS AND MARSHMELLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Look at photos!)

my eye appointment is in like 3 weeks and we will be seeing happens.... (that was freaking PUNNY)

June 8th

So it was a good week!

we had a sweet Famliy Home Evening with Leonor and it was really awesome! it was fun to be able to have a noche de hogar and i feel like we are starting to do a lot more with the members and helping them retain the people that are getting baptized in the ward! we have had a lot of baptisms as a branch in the last 2 years but a lot of those people dont go to chruch anymore and so we are hear to change that! we are goign to have changes next week but i feel like we are starting something really good!

 so i had so more problems with my digestive system again! it kinda sucked but after we had lunch it was a lot better i was just tired! haha during the morning we went adn helped jose cut firewood that he is selling! dont worry we didnt use the chain saw, we just used jose´s home made  table saw! haha it was SUPER SAFE!!!! haha we taught a bunch of people that day and it was a good but hard day that we had.

so we had a good day also and i got a hold of the nurse and talked to her about my digestive problem again and she said that i have adn irritated bowel system and that i need to watch what i eat so that i can identify what is triggering all the problems! to my sad conclusion i think it is eggs..... i dont know how much you guys know but i LOVE EATING EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! i have eaten eggs for my entire mission! haha and now i cant. i dont know what im going to eat now haha and im goign to have to kill myself in my workouts so i dont get fat but we will just have to see what havppens! ahah and i talked to her about my eye and she is going to get an appointment for me soon so that i can get it looked at. haha my health.! and then we taught Jose y Franco and they are doing really well! adn then a missionary from the ward finished his mission and we went and said hi to him!! it was freaking crazy to see how differente a person feels when they get right back from there mission! haha he looked a little shocked!!

we had another FHE with Leonor and it was really fun! we had it with that new missionary guy and it was awsome! hah and we had apple pie after which i havent had in a REALLY LONG TIME!!! haha it was awesome adn then i did and interview for a girl in elder daltons ward and she passed!!

i went on interchanges and it was fun and i got to talk to a guy from my old ward who is from iowa and he wants to go to lunch now!! and i was with a chilean missionary! it was fun!!

we taught 2 less active poeple and one decided to stop smoking so that was aweseoma and she wants to go to the temple now to get sealed to her kids!! haha its going to be really fun!! haha

that new guy got called to be the new ward mission leader!! and he came with us to all of our lessons!!! AND WE HAD A MIRACLE!!! ELIANAS HUSBAND DIED. AFTER 5 MONTHS OF WAITING HE HAS DIED!! We have a lesson with them and tuesday and we are goign to have her get baptized on  saturday! its going to be awesome! IM REALLY EXCITED!!!!

we had a good week!

June 1st 2015

that one might have been a joke but in the near future i just might no be!!!!
haha but you will always be my mommy!!! Dont worry!!

haha well that is just going as it is and i will be obedient and i will call her today to see what i can do. my stomach is doing a lot better. ive only had problems 2 times since i started taking the medication and so they seem to be helping alot!! haha with the slight health problems that i have been having it makes me really understand how important it is to keep ourselve spiritually, mentally, and physically strong so that we can be able to do and be better in this life. and if one of those things falls through we are can help ourselves with the other 2!

so we had a good day and we taught a less active incomplete family but they live together and arent marries so we are doing a slow work with them and making sure that they have testimonies so that they want to start doing changes in there lifes and start living the gospel. we also taught Jose and Franco. Jose get baptized a little while ago and Franco is and investigator (1 of the 2 that we have, YIKES!!!!! LOTS OF PRAYERS PLEASE!!) and Franco is doing really well ann we are just trying to give him a testimony but he needs a sprititual experience so that he will accept a baptism date. he is way smart for a 10 year old!!

so on tuesday we had to go clean for the zone conference that we were goign to have on wednesday and then we taught a lady that is a recent convert and also slipping in to less active mode and so we have been passing by a bit to try and get her to come to church. she didnt come yesterday but we are going to see if we can get her to really commit to coming even if the whole world is buring down! and then we taught Eliana. she is understanding stuff a lot better now but the guy that she is "living with" just is hanging on still and doesnt want to leave! and then we did contacts and visited other people for the rest of the day!

so we had zone confernce and it was awesome. it was kinda sad because this was the last one but it was really cool! he started talking about how he was feels like summer is about to start and that a lot of good things are about to start happening! haha its really crazy that they are leaving! and then we had a lesson with Leonor and she made me a sweet scarf and we ate once with her and he grand daughters and her granddaughter spent 20 minutos jsut asking us how to say stuff in english! ahah it was like we were being bombed!!

i went on interchanges and i was with my old comp elder Tinney and we had a really good time and we taught a guy from america and i met a guy who is a 7th level black belt in Kempo!

we did service in the morning and then we did taught a recent convert!

we taught eliana y matias and it was really good! and we taught that fam that likes jiu jitsu and stuff and we had another family come with us and they are starting to become good friends and we are hoping that they both start coming to church! the dad came yesterday but we still need the mom to come!!

Franco came to chruch and we are going to see if we can get something going!!

and we taught a less active guy and watched the restoration with him! haha i was bobbing my head the whole time becuase i was so tired!!!

as you noticed i got my adapter traded!!

LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!