Monday, August 24, 2015

Jul 13th

hey so i have got a question.
the glasses that have im thinking of gettting are one that i like.i am thinking that if i get these glasses here than i can have a pair of glasses that i like already and then when i get home i can just get contacts instead of gettting glasses and contacts. what do you think of that? i can get cheaper glasses to here im going to look around a little more and see what they is to get!

so we had a FHE with and ex-stake pres and it was good and they had a waffle iron so we ate waffles! haha it was really good and with manjar they are pretty amazing!! and then we watched so videos with a a convert and his mom who is and investigator about how to get a testimony and the lady, sofia, said that she really liked the video! lets just hope she puts it into practice.

so we had lunch with the bishop and it was a really good time! he is a really smart guy so that is nice having lunch with them. and then we taught a less active lady who is really funny but she isnt going to church and that is definel├▒tly a problem! haha its really hard sometimes to help people understand that all this stuff is so important sometimes!! haha dn then we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie with our really good investigator (Esteban) and his family (Sandra, his mom, and alexandra, his sister) and it was really crazy to see how impacted they were to see the persecution that happened in the beginning of the Church. haha they were tought people!

so we taught some more investigators about prophets and they really liked it and one of the ladies asked for a Book of 
Mormon so that was awesome BUT she doesnt live in this sector! so we will have to pass the reference but she will be a really good investigator!

haha so we went to this house to teach a lady and her dad answered the door and told us to come in and wait. as we were talking he was like "man im just trying right now to get some of my family history done  for my grandkids so that i can give them something to nice!" so we very quickly asked him for his computer and we make him and account and showed him how to start his family history and get things rolling for him! haha it was a really crazy coinsidence that happened and i know it was for a reason! his name is roberto! pray for him and his daughter camlia please! haha please pray for all the investigators really!........ and the memeber also....... wouldnt hurt........

 in the morning we went and looked for a new window for the bathroom because we dont have the top half in the bathroom! haha its currently covered with plastic bags and tape! it add just a touch of redneck zing to the place.... YYEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA! and the we had another lesson with Esteban and his dad adn w talked about eternal families and estaban just hardcore testified to his dad (like esteban was a member for a long time) that their is anothr life after this and that we need to prepare adn that he knows this is the church that he need to belong to! haha the kid is GOLD!!! please pray for him and his fam!!

we taught a few less actives and we watched "together Forever" with Sofia and her son who is the recent convert and it really is a good cheesy, Spirit inviting movie and the mom really liked it and she opened up a little and told us that she wasnt reading and that she was going to do a better job about it!

it rained all day! haha so we took advantage of the situation and watched 17 milagros with a less active family and it made them all cry! haha its a really humbling movie!! i also got to watch Ephraims Rescuethis week and it really makes me want to be read at all times for the call of the Lord in my life. i found it really cool that we all have talents and we just have to use them. that requires action. Movement. love for God and our brother. and it really helped me understand how i can help in this life!

so that was my week and im feeling a litte better about everything and i feel like i have been progressing alot.
and learning a ton also about what i can to do to feel better.
with my stomach i have been doing good till breakfast in the morning and it has been the last couple days i have had some problems with my stomach and im going to change my a little my diet to see in i can get better. i have been eating hamburger patties and vegtables in the morning. haha i dont really know what is going on with me anymore haha i just have to try and fix it now!

i will pray for josie send her an email every week! and a letter as soon as i can!

mom i want to thank you for the way you raised me! i really can say that i have felt the blessings of your teachings in my life and it has helped a lot to be able to not just get through my mission but to enjoy it and focus on others to get here! THANK YOU MOM FOR EVERYTHING! my comps favorite saying right now is "no pain no gain" and you have gone through a lot to raise us and like you said you have had stress problems for the last 20 years but i can express to you how greatful i am for the way that you have raised me. you truly have magnified your calling as a mom and you and dada have taken our family right to the door of the celestial kingdom! keep trying adn praying mom! i love you so much and i just want to thank you for your help in everything!!


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