Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 3rd

this is who i was with for the first 3 days of my week! he is from arizona and his parents are from tonga! elder nasilai is a really cool guy and can do all the sweet poly stuff.... beatbox, plays the uke piano and the guitar,and can freestyle rap. and he has got a full ride scholarship to go play football for a college in arzona when he gett back from his mission! he is really cool and i enjoyed working with him for 3 days!
about the card if it doesnt cost to much to overnight the card sure but have about140 in cash with me that im going to save for anything that will come up and my card is going to actually last till the end of august cause i was able to take out money today ( in august)

well this week was a pretty good one and it was fun too!!

so on monday i said goodbye to my comp. it was crazy to see someone finish thier mission. haha it didnt seem real!! it was kinda sad saying goodbye to him but i felt my shoulders relax unconsiously right after and i felt like i learned a lot from him and i feel like i had a good impact on him and helped him be better.
and then i was with elder nasilai (who i just send you a video of) he is super awesome. we had a little bit of a rough time in the sector for those 3 days but we got along really well and we laughed quite a bit!

it was really cool on wednesday he got called to be a district leader and a trainer at the same time and he was SUPER nervous and it awesome to be able to help him a little and give hima  little direction and help him know what to expect and what to do!!
at the change meeting i got to talk to elder brock and elder dalton a little bit and they are super aweseom!! i was a little jealous of them because with the new mission pres. they are doing a lot of fun stuff as a district! like waking up at 5.30 to play soccer at the church because normal missionaries andthe office elders have different p-days so they got permission to got do that! haha thanks to elder brock we got to watch the Chile VS Arg game.. haha he was the one who asked for permision! haha and then elder dalton to me that i would be gettin another assignment and so it turns out that i now have 2 companios! im in a trio! and im here with and elder who is just a little bit different and a little lazy and then im with another elder who is a really good missionary. elder gardel is from argentina and elder pedersen is from oregon!! haha i showed elder Pedersen my Oregon Ducks socks that i have and he was pretty excited about that one! haha he is a really good elder!

so with my stomach it has been going really good and i actually havent hardly anypromblems! like one and thats it! im might be having to do this rest thing for the rest of my mission if that is the only thing that is fixing it but today im goin to call the nurse and see what she says!! BUT hahah i got a cold on thursday  and had some major ear pain on thursday night that luckly went away after a blessing, and a sock heated up and filled up with rice, pushed against my ear for like and hour! haha it was a wierd but it worked!! and then have just been sneezing and coughing a lot lately haha! if its not one thing it the other, right?!

so for like the last week i ahve felt that i just needed to talk to ouir investigator Esteban and just sincerly talk to him, one on one and see what he feels about getting baptized and everything in general about the church and what we are teaching. so yesterday after church i had a chance to talk to him one on one and he told me that he feels like he recieved a confirmation on everything and that he wants to get baptized!! he said that he was going to talk to his parents and this tuesday he is going to tell us the date for when he is going to get baptized! haha he is going to put his own baptism date!! haha he is super awesome and im really excited to see him make a covenant with God!! its going to be awesome!!

and on sunday my comp also got way dizzy and couldnt like sit up out of bed and we should up to church a few min late because he was trying to get ready without falling over! haha it was a little nuts!!

but over all we had a really good week and im excited to see what these next 5 week brings haha. its so crazy! it hit me this last week that im actually going to walk around in the kitchen and finnally get ot see the hard wood floors this and everything. haha it was a really wierd feeling think about that! its like dream!!
we are all children of God and Christ and i know there plan is perfect and when something goes wrong in our life that means we just have to open our eyes and see what it is that God REALLY wants us to do in that moment and i know that through the atonement we are able to change dirrections in our life and be free of sin and full of energy!!

love yo mom!

Elder Thomas Ethington

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