Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18 2014

haha well i have seen the guardian movie everywhere and we will have to watch it! and that makes me very happy that the people are coming together! it helps!

Monday: well i finnally had time to write the fam sanchez so hopefully i will be able to get them to them soon! and we also put a baptism date with our investigator Raul. haha he is a very humble guy and doesnt know how to read and its pretty hard for him to understand but he wants to get baptized so its super sweet! he eats lunch  and spends the day and one of the members house and so we can teach him every single day! haha its way cool to see him grow! and we also found a new famiy to teach. the parents of the mom were all baptized but she never did and so we are teaching her and her husband and they are super nice and beilieve in God a lot! haha there son surived a brain hernia and it was a miracle that he survived and so they are believers!!
so we prepared for the  zone meeting and set everything up i the mornign and the we had Presidente K√§hnlein come and look at an apartment with us that is way close that we are probably going to move to pretty soon! then we were able to teach Eduardo. haha well that was the first lesson where i have been quite direct with someone about the gospel. but the spirit was super strong. we had to kind of lay out the stuff on the table and tell it to him straight becasue he had some wierd beliefs but we just let it go because he said he wanted to get baptized but now he is clinging on to those things and it impiding him from getting baptized. but the spirit was super strong and he said he was going to get down on his knees and pray to be able to pay his tithing. WITH FAITH NO MAS!!!
so we had the zone meeting and it was super good! haha its so fun to be able to presente everything and help the missionaries learn. hahah but seriously it just wiped me out. ahhah like spiritually! hahahi it is slightly incredible how tired you are after. ahha  we werent able to teach raul because he had to got to the hospital because he has high blood pressure. but we did teach our other investigator and we have to teach him with drawing the lessons out on post it notes but it works! haha! and we taught Elias. the son. and he is way excited to be baptized and be a member!!! 
weekly planning. so we do have that stand thing now so we are able to do that during the day now and it is helping we have it right in front of a bus stop and so we talk to them when they are waiting. its good! and then we taught the bernal family adn they are all super good. hahah we had solange prepare a taught about repentance adn she did way good on it and then we taught them about faith. it was kind of a short day. haha we also are teaching englihs and Piano class! MOM could you send me some piano stuff! really simple? and in spanish if you can find it! that would be awesome!
we had splits and i was with elder hansen who is from enterprise utah. we went to a ward activity with raul and had some food and learned about doing stuff around the house! haha it was fun. haha and raul was able get to know a little more of the members! and then we taught that family from monday again! ahaha her sons were there and we were able to watch "because of him!" with them and we got to know them and it turns out that elder hansen´s uncle baptized the mom and dad of the mom of this family like thirty years ago! haha what a small world!!!
we taught raul about the atonement and the we also taught elias and his dad in a family home evening with a family in the ward and we taught them restoration adn it was super fun and then me and my comp had to run home. hahah we actually to the bus that we took home. haha so we fasted as a zone from saturday to sunday and i seriously have never recieved so much food in my life. and we couldnt eat any of it. haha we ended the day with a bag of chocolate banana, organge, apple cake thing, alfajores, fanta, and a pineapple juice box! haha so crazy!!
we church was interesting. so raul came to church and felt really bad from his high blood pressure. so one of the member ended up taking him tot he hospital and when he got there his heart beat was a 185. and this guy is 70 years old. so that was kind of scary. and elias the son came to church and he want to pass the sacrament! haha its so crayz! he is way good! we did the stand thing and found 2 goood people and then we taught elias and elias the word of wisdom and the dad was a drug dealer like 20 years ago but he is now clean and he gave us all his cofee and tea so he is now currently living the word of wisdom! haha Point for team MOROMON! we taught raul a really short lesson and then went to a lesson with the quorom president to a family less active and the mom just got back blood results way bad. her blood is basically acid and so it was kind of a sad lesson but we are going to start passing by there house quite a bit now. and then we taught the fam. bernal. cony and alex gave little talks about baptism and faith and the the bishop came with us to the lesson that we had with them and gave a blessing on there house. ahha what a day. 

love you mom and i just want you to know that i included you josie dad and ely in my fast and i know that the more we sacrifice the more the Lord blesses us! have faith!

I LOVE YOU MOM and thank you for your excitement!
Elder Ethington

Aug 11 2014

well i cant hardly hangle this whole thing. haha i just wanto to talk to you guys. i dont have enough time to do it.

i will do a weekly thing next week so i can send josie a good email this week.

so this monday we had a super sweet zone activity. it was way fun and we got to eat SUBWAY haha its been 10 months since i have had a nice subway to chow down on so that was super sweet!!! we had a blast and we got to play soccer and it was way fun! haha. here are some pictures of that bad boy. 
haha well edurardo need to have more faith! haha its very hard for him to pay his tithing and told us he doesnt want to continue but we got one more lesson with him this week. but we have a dad and his son that we have been teaching for like 3 weeks now and have had like 3 baptism dates and this week they both came to church in suit and tie and everything and it was seriously one of the coolest things i have seen and they have got a baptism date for  agust 31. haha it was super cool the son is super super excited to get baptized and cant wait. the dad also is excited to get baptized and they are both extremely humble people that are really examples of just how much we dont need to be happy as a family!! also we had another guy come to church whos name is raul and we actually went to his house before church to find him and he wasnt there and then when we got to the church he was sitting there waiting for us! hahah it was super awesome and we are going to but a bapt. date with him today. ! haha it was such a good sunday! also i went to 2 meeting and they are super cool.

i want to share with you mom, ( and all of syracuse) and eternal priniclple that i learned this last week. this life is not perfect and we are not perfect people. the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only person that gives us that opportunity to be perfected. if we are grateful there is nothing in this world that can take us away from this gospel and the happiness that comes from it. gratefulness is to give thanks for what we have been given and the result is a feeling of love, appreciation from our Heavenly Father that turns into the joy of christ. i want you to read alma 31:38. i testify by the power and authority that i have be given from God that the Joy of Christ is what will take us from the depths of despair to the tops of happiness and peace. I know that this gospel was restored for US in our times of NEED. My dear mom, i want you to know how much i love you and how much  i am praying for you right now. help those that need it because its the only way we can overcome this.

Elder Ethington

August 3 2014

haha well its been pretty crazy! we have just been talking to lots of people and we have a baptism date with that eduardo guy. haha he asked us when he can be baptized so that is looking real good to us!!!

haha your are very smart. hahh just prepare youself for those retarted junior high years haha...... dang im going to be there for that one. haha that will be intesting!! haha man it has been a while since ive have fake chinese food!!!! haha!
haha i gave up on the agenda. we left it at a big walmart type thing so that is a gonner!!!! i have a note book for my studies and my journal. haha we actually get them every month! so we all get our own personal copies of the ensign and i have my own of the conference! haha solange told me that she was talking to you hahah im pretty sure she sent you some potos yesterday of some horendously beautful picture of us eating. haha we are so beautiful glory. hahah we are really excited for them because with the readding thing that we are doing as a mission we gave them the very first one that we did with teh faith and baptism and all that jazz and they were all super excited to read the scriptures adn mark them and they are living the sabath day. which is huge! i know members that dont do that here! haha heck i use to not to do that! so it is super cool adn they are just plugging along! haha we are feeling good about them!

if you could sent the fam sanchez a email and tell them that i am sending them a letter this week! and if you could ask the if Jaime got baptized! POR FI!!!

love you mom and thank you for what you do and for being excited! haha im excited to talk to you every week and i cant tell you how much it helps to hear from you!

2 Questions 
Did you baptize a lot of people on you miss?
what did  you do when you felt super tired on you mission or rght now? haha and sitting down and resting isnt an opcion!