Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 16, 2015

haha so it was really fun week this week but also kinda hard! haha we are always doing so much and running from one place to another but it doesnt feel like things are progressing like they should and we arent baptizing as much but we are working to get to it!

so this last week we had zone conference with president and it was really good!! we got to watch the Meet the Mormons and it was really really good!! haha it made me want to endure to the end and do everything that is good and fun in the world! haha its going to be really fun!! haha it was really cool also to see how much the gospel changed that life of that mom at the end and also in how great the impact of what we do can have on people in like 20 years. its a really good movie and if you guys havent seen it i invite you all to do it!! what have you got to loose!!!???

so also another wild fire happened this last week almost exactly one year from that huge one in valparaiso and we were right next to it once again! haha it was a huge cloud of smoke! so i had to do a baptism interview for one of the district leaders and we came out of the interview and the sky was red from all the smoke that was billowing in front of the sun and as we got into a taxi to got to out sector i heard on the radio that they were having my old sector, nueva aurora, get ready to evacuate just in case the fire got out of control and so i felt like i needed to call the other zone leaders for the stake im in so they could call the elders that were in nueva aurora. so i called them and it turns out that they are so far away from the city that they knew there was a fire but not how big it was and so they called the elders and had to check up on them! haha it was a kinda crazy. hope that makes sense what i just explained!" hahha. 

and then yesterday we had a meeting with the High Counselman from the stake to talk about what we are going to do for a meeting we have. and when i walked out guess who was there?!! BAVI!! haha it was really good to talk to him and to be about to see him! i talked to him a little bit and the cool part to was that he was going to say hi to my convert because it was her birthday today!!! haha and it was super cool i got to see solange 2 times in viña this week! haha it was really cool!!!! 

im doing good and me and my comp get along really well!! for example we shot nerf guns this morning to figure out who does what for the cleaning today...... i have to clean the floor and wash the dishes!! HE GOT LUCKY!!!!!!!!!

i want to send you guys pics but i have another virus on my camera card. so i dont know if you just want me to save them and show you guys after or if you want me to send them anyways!!???

also if you guys could send me The Barrons Foriegn Language Guide for Portugues! that would be great!! Pres Kähnlein said i can study it so if you wanted to send me that book or whatever grammer book that is good would be awesome!!

love you guys!!!!

March 9 2015

so the kid that got baptized was matias. the kid that baptized him is Juanito and the lady in the foto is Eliana (who is going to get baptized really soon also!!!:)

we dont have daylight savings down here.... anymore! haha they just decided a months ago that they werent going to have it anymore! haha so that is wierd!! but oh well!! haha  

thats really cool that josie is oging to study! haha she is going to be a really good doctor also! haha if she is afraid of watching people die its a good thing that she is working in the thing that makes sure people dont die as fast!!! ahah

so on monday we had a good day and we were able to drink some mountain dwew!! it was abosolutely delicious!! and we ate some empanadas also that were really good and a dessert that is called mil hojas!! loook it up!!! its soooooo gooooooooddddddd!! MANJAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha and then we taught a convert and his brother who isnt a member and it was really good!!

so we had counsel with pres Kähnlein and it was really good! we watched a video called "El Poder de la Sonrisa" haha it was really fun and we were able to learn alot and im pretty excited to got working!!! haha it was a good time and i also got to eat lunch next to pres and talk to him a little bit it was cook!!!!

so it was kinda hectic and we taught a couple of people.

we had lunch which was some lemon chicken thing and it was really good and then we had interchanges and i was with my old comp and then the guy who just left from being asistant and it was really fun! haha the old asistant guy is on special assignment selling stuff from the pensions that are clossing and we got back to there house and we had like 7 poeple waiting to buy stuff! he use to be a seller and when everyone left he had mad 250 dollars! haha its was funny to watch him just weezle his way into selling them a lot more than they planned to! ahah it was funn!! i also got a portugués book of mormon so im going to start learning portugués!

we found one of the smartest and most prepared people on my mission and he is 11 years old his name is Javier! haha he understands everything and he wants to find out if want we share is true ( which it is, so obvioulsly hes getting baptized soon!;)
and then we taught a couple of other people and we had a really good day!

it was funn! we walked around a lot but it was nice we actually had time to talk and look for poeple and it was a really productive day that we had! it was fun!!! and we had lunch with a really cool family and the  guy kind reminds me of greg goddridge!!

we had 2 investigator (Javier and a lady that isnt married) and we got a violin for my comp who is going to play it for a zone conf that we have tomorrow and he is goign to play be still my soul adn we are going to sing it as a zone!! haha its going to be awesome!!!

love you guys alot and i know that we can be and eternal family!! i know that we have a lot of problems in the life but the faith that is firmly set in out heart, thats set through our service to God and all those around us, WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING! I know that is true and i do it in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.

Elder Ethington

March 2, 2015

Elder Ethington, Eliana,  Matias, y Juanito

Well mom thank you so much for that letter!! i love you so much and i couldnt even ask for a better mom in the whole world!! 

i am goin to have a good day!! 
we had a really good week! haha its was crazy

so had a crazy experience
so all of my t'shirts are pretty bad and stuff and all the armpits have turned  blue from the book of mormon being held there! so to say the least it is sometimes uncomfortable to wear shirts like that and so i went on interchanges and turns out that my very first zone leader in the mission finished his mission where i went for interchanges. and he finished litteraly a year ago. and so i went in to the apartment and i was just making sure that the rooms were all clean and stuff and it turns out that i found all of his white shirts that he had left! haha and so i tried one on, and they were all clean also! and after going through all of them i took a totall of like 8 new shirts home! haha and i felt kinda bad taking all of them home becuase i thought that i could just give them away to someone else but i decided to take them home. so one of the shirt that i took was a brand new shirt which was fitted and had a 15.5 neck. haha thats freaking skinny from when i first got to the mission! turns out it fit and i just had this spiritual confirmation that the Lord wanted to let me have those shirts and i was almost denying the blessing that he wanted to give me! and then i realized that it was even more significant when i think aobut how hard i can be on myself and it really is just crazy to think of how much stuff i dont let myself have just becuase i dont allow the blessing to come into my life! haah its was kind of a crazy thing and probably doesnt make sense but it was special for me!

the baptism was awesome and it all turned out good haha!!! those are all the pictures i have!!!

again mom thank you so much for the birthday wishes and thank you for being who you are!! it really makes me happy to be your son and know your the best mom ever!!