Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 14

haah yeah it has been a little crazy these last two week hasnt it? haha well its keeping us on our toes and we are just going with what is happening! so far we arent able to go into Valpo, we are just waiting on the word from president and then from there we are going to just attack that place with love, service and the missionary spirit. its feel like we are all just waiting right now!

haha i did feel the other earthquake. haha its funny the people here have 2 classes of earthquakes. uno el un temblor y el otro es un terremoto. what happened this week was a temblor and it was below a 6.0 so it was small. haha and it was only for like 3 seconds! haha it has been kind of stressful during the day but it has made for a pretty good sleeping scheduel so far. haha i sleep like a log. dont freak out mom beacuse its actually beginning to be really fun to deal with it all! haha

well i cant say that im jealous that you saw all my friends but im really glad you were able to go see katys farewell! where is she going in mexico again? i cant ever remember!

mom i have 2 things that i would like you to do! first if you could sent me the bruce r mcconkie "your calling is above the kings" and the second if you could make a sweet looking 4 generation family tree for me! not too flashy but just so it looks nice! and is about a 5 by 7 card or something like that! thank you! and if you find anything sweet on pinterest for family home evenings or stuff like that im all open!
im here for a reason. and if i focus on this i will become what the Lord wants me to become!
thank you for your love and support! it means the world to me and i cant thank you enough for it all!

my bishop Cristian Bavestrella wants you to accept him on facebook! and if you could log on to my account and accept everyone that has sent me invitations. haha i dont have time to do it myself! 

love you mom more than anything!
Tu hijo
Elder Ethington 

From Thomas's Apt..

March 7

mother nature played a pretty good april fools joke! she totally fooled us all by thinking we were going to have a tsunami. well its was an exciting week to say the least haha. so we didnt feel the earthquake on tueday but we were in the tsumani stuff. the hermanas in our district had to almost evacuate but at the last minute the guy for the all the apartments called and told then that they were good. and then other in my district had to evacuate but nothing happened. they just slept over at a members house for that night. haha and then another companionship had to leave there apartment and so they got to have a sleepover with some other missionaries higher up in viƱa haha..

friday was interesting. i had finally just finished my prayer to go to sleep and i layed my head down on the pillow to go to sleep and everything started to shake. haha it was pretty funny. i was pretty tired this week and so i almost didnt get out of my bed but after my comp got out and ran under the door i got out haha. i was tired. so then i was trying to call my district till 12 and then i finally fell asleep. haha i think im a tad sick too, so that isnt helping with having energy. haha but yeah for both of those we were on splits and my comp was with latin missionaries and so he had a jolly old time! haha he is a great guy and is going to be a great missionary. i feel bad because i cant focus a ton on helping him be a good misionary because of the district but it is something that i want to improve on and help him with for this week and for the resdt of the time we are working together.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earthquake and New Pictures from Transfer Day!

The mission presidents wife has posted that all the missionaries in his mission are doing great and that there is nothing to worry about!  But i still think it was pretty scary...we'll see what Thomas' emails say next week.  We know where is ward is so this is the map from the church can see how close he is to the coast...less than 2 klicks.  The orange dot is his ward house..we assume he lives close by.

Below is the evacuation plan for his area..notice the big field in both pictures to give an idea of where he is at..but the mission office is in the red zone.

His mission website has great information!