Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30th

the MTC is way fun here! there are a bout 60 missionaries and about 75 of them are latinos so there is a lot of spanish being spoken here, which helps! yeah most of the kids on the plane are in my district. we have 2 elders and 1 sister from brasil in my district also so we get some portugues thrown in to the spanish also. my compaion is the district leader. he is also freaking weird. he is the kid that won´t  walk around the corner of the wall because our mission president said we need to have line of sight at all time with our compaƱero. and he tells the other kids in out district to be quite if they talk to much in our class. BUT he has a photographic memory so he is really good at spanish and is helping me a lot and also pushing me to learn faster.
we mainly eat rice pasta bread with some kind of chili with it all and then some fish thrown in also.
i was kinda mad about missing travis´ farewell but im glad that it was good!
the weather is really nice here! its basically 50 and 60 here the whole time and it actually gets pretty cold at night! i think its acutally drier here in santiago than it is in utah!
thats crazy that its snowed already!
D&C 31:3 explains perfectly how i feel right now! it feels so good to finally have started my mission! its hard with the spanish but it really is hard to be discouraged or sad right now just because it can finally work hard and serve our Heavenly Father!
here is a picture of elder rooney who went to clearfield high. with the temple in the background!
the next one is a picture of my district!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 1st Email

We got our first email today!

"well i made it to the MTC on a whole 45 minutes of sleep! im glad that im not getting on another plane for 2 years or i would probably kill someone! im utterly lost in the language but ill survive and eventually understand it! its starting to become more real that im going to be gone for 2 years but it will be alright! miss you all and love you all!"

The MTC in Santiago, Chile