Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st

so we contacted a few people and we taught the fam bernal about  pariartchal blessing with the bishop and his family and we were able to help them. solange wants to get her blessing way bad so that is going to be pretty sweet!

we had interchanges and i was with our new district leader and we were able to ahve a good day. we taught hmo agusto about the sabath day and he was a lot easier to teach and so w

so we taught a little kid that got baptized a little while a go but is going to church and we jus taught him outside of his house and so that was pretty fun and we got to eat so fruit off of his treet that he has. they are call siruelas. its like a plum but the size of like a big cherry. they are way good! haha and then we had a meeting with the quorum of elders president e and we had a good meeting for the first time with someone in a long time. so that was good to be able to help him out!

TURKEY DAY! so we had way good day an we had to plan for like 4 hours so that was kinda hard. sometimes its hard to focus because me and elder dalton get along pretty well so we laugh quite a bit. haha we tuaght a less active fam and  then had another meetin with the ward and so we are goign to start helping them more. and then we ate a huge turkey (it was really chicken Dinner) and then we made so sweet mashed potatoes and with the ranch dressing packets that you sent me and that makes some delicious mashed potatoes. 

we did some service for an old lady and then were with another missionary because the DL went to a meeting and so we walked around all day haha and after the third missionary left we taught a guya bout the gospel of jesus christ and he understood and accepted to be baptized but hes not married  SHUCKS!!! but we are going to get the married and they are goign to be an eternal fam!

so we had  lunch with the bishop and we had home made empanadas!! they were amazing and then we taught a less active guy who talks alot haha my comp litterally fell asleep in the lesson! haha and it was raining that day to. and then we ahd a super bad lesson with the fam bernal. haha we were looking for scrpitures and anserwing questions and it was a really wierd unfocused lesson but hna monica wants to change her life!! and wants to go tothe temple to get her endowment!

went to church
we had 3 FHE with some families and we did the MIRTH thing with them and we get 4 reffereall that are way good and we are going to work wiht them.

dont have a lot of time sorry! we had to sent a lot fo stuff this week!
im doing good
love you guys!

Elder Ethington


No Clue what this is about....

Familia Bernal!

More Thanksgiving...

Nov 24th

Saying Good Bye to Elder Valencia

Eating at the Bernals!  Again!
we had to go get elder wilcox from viña because his comp elder Corona finished his mission, elder corona is  monster. haha he was really one of the best missionaries that i have met on my mission. and then we had had a good p day we went and got the mattress for elder wilcox to sleep in and then we had a family home evening that we went to and we went there witht the bishop and his family!

tuesday we went to and taugh like 7 lessons that day. haha it was crazy and my Elder Valencia gave his backpack to Raul who has been joking since we met him that he wanted or was going to steal it from him and so that was cool and then we had a good lesson with the fam bernal and we gave them prayer rocks that we had made and then we tried eating as much food as they made but we had eaten a huge completo before so that sucks!° haha

so Elder Valencia and I got split up. it was really weird to not be able to think that we were goin to be together again. haha it was actually a really weird feeling. and so we said goodbye to some people and then we  went to the change meeting. haha after not seeing Elder Dalton (my son) for 6 whole months we have been reunited!! i trained him to be a missionary and now i get to train him to be a Zone leader.! haha it was serioiusly so awesome to just be able to see him  finally after so long and then when we sat next to eachother and then names were being called we were all just like what in the world!!! haha it was one of the funniest things in the whole world and i seriously cant believe it happened. we still have to something to learn with each other and im excited to find out what it is!

still in shock from realizing that we were together agian haha and then we taught  a less active guy who has a physical handicap. he speaks greek so he gave the last prayer in greek which was pretty cool!! and then i intervied someone to be baptized and she passed so that was always super cool! Its way fun to do the interviews!

elder Dalton had a training meeting for the new zone leaders and so i was wiht another elder, elder Barker from salt lake. he live like 5 or 6 block from the zoo. he totally ate at tony caputos on a frequent basis so he was a pretty good missionary. haha  and then after we taught the golf pro guy thats less active and then we had a lesson with raul and we gave him a blessing! and we also did 20 contacts that day!

saturday we had a good day. elder dalton has  a pedometer and we walk around 10 miles everyday and we have had a day yet were we walked a ton. haha we contacted a ladt and she acepted a baptism date in the street when we talked to her but then we ahvent been able to find her house! SHucks!!!

had a good day. we barely did anything we had to go teach the sister who to set up the stand thing. maybe you know sister forste she is from orem. and then we taught a less active family and then we talked to a less active ladyt and we contacted only like 3 people that day. 

ill send some more pics next week my adapter broke!

love you guys and i want to share a scrip. ether 12:36-37 ether loved the gentile but the gentile could care less for him. the Lord then promised him the forgivness of his sins because he PUT HIS PART. i want to invite all of you guys to PUT YOUR PART with the Lord this week. say a better prayer study for 5 minutes longer. just PUT YOUR PART!

love you guys!!!

Elder Ethington


Nov 17th

Baptism of Hermano Augusto

so i had the worst lesson of my whole mission. we visited some less active member who have gone to the temple and are sealed as a family. so they started talking and started bashing on the leaders of the ward adn the stake and we tried explaining that we are all imperfect but we are called by god for something. but they didnt listend and then flat out told us we were wrong and then denied that we were called of a prophet of God to teach people and then they complained about tithing and said it was to hard and that it shouldnt be so strict. haha i litterally got so mad that my comp had to teach and finish the lesson beacuse i wasnt teaching with the spirit and i was going to say some not so spirituall stuff to them if i opened my mouth.  i learned how important it is to have Faith in Christ not the the Bishop. Christ was the only perfect person, and he is our God, so if we put our trust in anyone else we will only get failiure in the end. its hard to see people that are so confused about their testimony and dont understand how important it is to be obendient to what God says to us through His chosen servants. (leaders). and we have to do stuff that sticks sometimes but we know that this church is true and runs off of modern day revelation.

so we got everything ready for the zone meeting and then we went and did service for a lady that we contacted and we pulled weeds for a good 1 1/2  and then we taught her and her daughter something and we have got just keep passing by them. and then elias and elias come with us to a lesson that we had.

we had zone meeting and it was super good and we felt good with how it all turned out.. and then we lunch with a super funny family in the ward and the gut also plays golf and then we  taught hno agust about tithing adn then we ehlped him get ready for his interview! and then we taught raul aobut obeying the law.

we had lunch with hna cañas who is the friend of raul and we kinda said good bye to her and she started cying and it was kinda sad! and then we taught an investigator about the book of mormon and then we had the interview for hno agusto and he almost didnt pass because he didnt remember anything but he is living all the commandment so that is super good and then we had a family home evening with a high council member and his fam and it was super good.

we had interchanges and i was with and elder from chicago and he is one fo the most american guys inthe whole mission. ha aha it was super cool to be able to be with him and he reminded me of a ton  of american phrases. and he was a zone leader the change before so he helped a tone to be know hwta i can do better!


BAPTISMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hno agusto got baptized and it was super cool. i would send you pictures but my adapter broke so i have to buy a new one and then next week i will send you guys some pictures! he gave his testimony after and it was super cool!

hno agusto got CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!! and so then we had a good time and we visited elias the kid and taught him an then we visited my fav fam inthe  ward, other than the bernal fam, the fam buglioni.! they are very normal people and we had once with them adn shared a scripture with them and they wanted me to thank you and dad for raising me the way you did! they are very grateful for how you guys raised me and wanted to thank you for your efforts! she said that we are her sons so that was really cool! we are going to visit them when you guys come here

seriously though thank you for making me who i am! haha it helps the more i get to know peopel that yoiu guys have helped me be someone normal and im way grateful for that! i have more confidence in talked to who ever is in our path because i know that im not some wierdo or a social IDIOT so thank you for that! and i want you to know that i love guys! and im excited to talk to you guys and sound like a striaght up latino!

November 10th

November 10th
so im going to have to make this a little bit shorter of an email.! sorry
requests for xmas 2 head bands for my excersises..... look at attached picture if you want  a further explination.

haha and chocolate covered oreos would be great!

i will be here till xmas probably becuase my comp was in this zone for a month and half and then we have 6 months together so he will (most likely but not for sure) leave and then ill be here for one change more.

and i talked to pres and he helped me a ton! haha i feel a lot better and i rreally feel alot better about everything. he just helped me figure out that the things im doing now are starting to touch a little bit more profoundly.. like my being of who i am... my soul. is changing. its a really crazy feeling and one of the coolest thing ive ever heard in my life was when he said "ahora es el momento a orar y ayunar y preguntar al Señor, ¿Para qué me quieres?" one of the coolest thing and i feel a lot better now! haha

well i bought new shoes and my feet currently dont have anymore dirt on them haha... and i also bought protien powder and ankle weights but they broke already haha that sucks!! adn we taught a newe investigator but he isnt to intersted but we are going to keep on passing by his house.

we went and pulled weed for an investigator who really wants to change but is really catholic! haha and then we had interchanges and i was with and elder Gillies from lyman wyoming. haha he is a goofy guy adn started his mission also in Los Vilos! haha so that means he is a great person!! adn we taught a guy whos mom dies just like 3 days ago and its was asuper cool lesson!


my scripture covers came!!!!!!

we have started wooking more with member so we visited a few members adn we are going to see some results i know it!

we had leader counselship meeting adn i had a l huge prayer answered. everyone is so proud of being a missionary and their mission.... ive set the goal that i dont was this to be MY mission i want it to be HIS mission. so thats basically my goal right now. haha so here we go.

hmo agusto came to church and is going to get baptized saturday! he just has to pass his interview adn listo! then one of the oldest members of the stake and the ward who is on the stake high counsel went on slpits with us and we got like 5 incomplete famlies as references and we taught 6 lessons all to gether with what my comp and the stake guy did and my comp and me did! ha ha it was super cool!!

love you guys and i hope to see you all soon! in december!!!

elder ethington

Going to the Temple as New Members

Solange y Constanza

Elias, Constanza, Solange, Alex, y Elias


"El dia hubiera sido super genial y la experiencia mas increible si hubieran estado los misioneros pero ellos me prometieron que hiriamos al templo antes de qe se vallan asi que solo quedara esperar y ojalas tener la oportunidad de conocerla en persona algun dia seria lo maximo, bueno como se que le encantan las fotos le mande mas de esta increible experiencia que vivimos todos juntos como nuevos miembros y todo gracias a los misioneros que nos enseñaron este evangelio tan hermoso y pues ellos que se han vuelto super especiales para todos nosotros los cuales vamos a extrañarlos cuando se vallan". Solange

The day had been super great and the most incredible experience if they had been missionaries but they promised me that we will go to  the temple before the leave so that only stay oI have to wait . i hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person some day would be awesome!I hope you love the pictures I  sent about  this incredible experience that we all live together as new members and all thanks to the missionaries who taught us this beautiful gospel and they that they  have become super-special for all of us which we will miss them when they leave. Solange

Nov 3rd

Nov 3
well monday we had a super sweet family home evening with the fam bernal and also elias and elias and it was super cool becasue maryan opened up a little bit and started talking to everyone and we played sherades and it was pretty fun to see them all open up a little and laugh. and we ate pancakes. haha and we also found a new investigator and we gave a blessing in her house and helped her feel better.

i had interchanges with and elder from Chicago and it was super funny to see how american he is haha but we had a good day. we actually walked around all day and we contacted people and then we got to teach raul and the first counsler in the bishopric.

we had distircti meeting and it was super good and way fun and then we had salmon for lunch with the fam bugllioni and it was super good (the husband just got back from work in the south fishing for 20 days) it was super good! haha and then we taught liliana really quickly and the we went  to and inteview for one of the district leaders and he passed and it was super good and i was able to go out and contact with the other comp and we contacted a really good lady who will be baptized in the future. haha i know it! and then we found a family of 3 but 2 can get baptized. the husbands brother was killed 8 months ago and the husband is taking pills for depression adn the mom is super stressed but has a ton of good questions for us and so we were able to help them and they are way receptive BUT they arent married. so we will marry them and then they will get baptized.!

we passed the stand to 2 other missionaries and then we taught Agusto and he accepted to be interviewed this week and gladly took the interview questions to study and so he is goin to prepare for that! and then we taught the less active guy who has schitzofrenia. haha he had us look at his face because he said that he had a rambo face. my eyeballs almost popped out of my head from holding in the laughter. my comp actually laughed. it was sweet! adn then we FINALLY had mission corillation with out ward mission leader and we were able to plan some stuff and then he told us that he is leaving for the next 2 months to work. NICE!!! haha but we will find someone else haha.

(one year ago i was in the MTC how crazy is that!) but we went and cleaned out the side of the house of agusto and the relief society pres  and we found a scorpion but i didnt have my camera (DOUUUU) and dad to answer you question i saw some huge bug thing there and i saw el rincón when we did service with a elias and elias! haha so that was super awesome! and then we contacted people and then we had to take a bus to give a blessing to our district leader Elder Corona (de Mexico) because his health was super bad and couldnt walk and  so we walked with him to the church and gave him a blessing and it was areally spiritual experience beacuse hes about to finish his mission and the promise in his setting apart was that he would have the health he needed to serve the Lord. it was kinda emotional. haha

we found another new investigator and he can progress also but he needs to get married also! haha but he had listen tot he missionaries befor and so we are going to baptize him! and then we found another investigator and he is going to come to church the next week with us and we have a lesson with him htis tuesday. and we also taught a crazy lady. haha she was drunk first off and then she was mad at us beacuse we didnt enter her house the last time because she was alone. that was a wierd lesson and me and my comp just kinda looked at each ther and we just like "Yupp lets go.." haha and then we had Stake conference and it was all about mission work and so lets hope the references start dropping in!!

went to church. agusto didnt come and we dont know why haha but we are goin to look for him this week and see what he really wants to do and so we will be able to find out if we can baptize him or not. we taught elias and elias and they both got thier temple recommends to got to the temple this saturday  and then we had a FHE with a less active lady and a active fam and it was super fun and then we taught the Bernal Fam and we went with thier visiting teacher who monica had kinda be avoiding haha and we got thier but Hna monica had left and but the visiting teacher did a lesson super good with them and connected with maryan really when because he drank smoke metal head broke all the commandments and now has been omn the high counsel for 10 years and has never been in active in 31 years in the church. haha pretty crazy to see what real conversion does to poeple!

love you guys! mom send elias and elias another invite and have then send fotos of when they all go to the temple!

love you mom!! your my hero y te precio mucho! cuide te!