Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

hahah what the heck! haha sounds like that was kind of a wierd week! hahah wow. hahah im not even sure what to say about ely and his foot hahah! not sure how someone can miss a hot buring coal on the ground and no see it but whatever. haha look like ely is taking after josie! haha and i still cant handle that ely is starting 6th grade! its ridiculous!!!

haha well the baptism was freaking awesome!!!!!!!! we had 48 people from the ward come to the service! haha ive never heard of that many peole coming to a baptism before so that was super cool! haha i got to baptize solange and the littleest whos name is coni. haha it was super cool to see how happy they were to get baptized and! haha
and then sunday was the best! so there is one of them marian. she is the rebel of them but she still got baptized. haha well she is 16 had a tongue ring, a tattoo behind her ear of music notes ( kinda cool haha but totally against the word of wisdom) and just sits in her room all day. anitsocial. haha yeah so that is marian. and on sunday when she was given the holy ghost and confirmed a member she started CRYING!!!! her family has never seen her cry before! EVER!!! hhahah it was seriously one of the most special moments in my mission to see her cry like that! and a huge testimony builder of what the  spirit does to people when they are willing to let it affect there lives! haha she said after to her fam that it was just something that she had never felt before and that she just started crying as she recieved the gift of the holy ghost! haha it was so cool!!!!!!!
haha also as we were finishing up the interview for them, earlier on in week, haha they thought it was pretty funny so that dads name is scot because the toilet paper here that everone uses is the same name. haha so the mom while waiting for her kids to finish the interview. looked at me and said "hey i bought your dad today!" haha and then lifted up a bag with toilet paper! haha !! it was pretty hilarious!!

oh yeah haha so we live in apartments and we didnt have energy for 6 days haha we planned with a candle everynight! haha it was pretty fun!!!

and i bought gloves. hahha and we found this huge outlet mall that is right by our house that is kinda sweet but i feel like a sinner in a church building walking into there! but we are going back to buy jerseys!!!! haha yes i have gained weight in the mision but i look freaking fat in that picture and i promise im not that huge!!!

also i bought a superman pendrive. haha but his head came off.

well send my love to everyone and tell them to bee strong and that they are in my prayers!!!!!! alma 40 is the key!
i know that this church is true and that we are all here for a reason! it doesnt matter what happens to us it just matters how we react to life. react as Christ would and we will be granted the eternal life after this short period of time we have here. i love every single one of you thank you for your support!

love you mom and i hope you enjoyed bear lake! you are a stalward in my life and i really cant thank you enough for what you have given me and are ginving me. ihope you are happy and i want you to know that i am happy!!! now enjoy what you can while im not there!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Ethington 

July 14 2014

well dang. im not even totally sure what to think haha. send my love to everyone and i want them to know that i love them very much and that i know that we are a family that is united by the convanents we made in the temple. there is nothing that can seperate us. now it is just a waiting game. a game to wait and see how much good we can do in this world before we are taken to save souls in the next world. we are here for a reason. uncle micheal now just has that much more free time, like you said to crack jokes with grandma up there. haha smile because we know that he is doing what he needs to. lets follow his example and do everything we can to be a force for good here in the short time that we have been given to be here on this earth!

so we just had a family home evening with the bishop and that was about it.

we spent all day getting ready for the zone meeting on wednesday. but we did manage to slip in a lesson with and investigador that we found like a month ago and she wants to read the book of mormon. haha so that was sweeet!!!! she grew up in a jehovas witness family all her life and then she got married in the catholic church so she has a super strong foundation to work from and she asks a lot of questions but not in a contencious way so its is way fun to teach her!!!!

 so we had the zone meeting and it was super fun! hahah me and my comp both just felt like we were way tired after hahah like spiritually tired! haha uncle mark told me that the night before i left that i would get spiritually tired haha but i didnt understand that fully till wednesday! it. so we had a lesson also with the family bernal and it was super fun! we taught them about the temple and they are all pretty excited to go there after ther baptisms!!!!! haha and we got to eat really got lasagna with them also!!!

 well thursday me and my comp interviewed two people for the baptisms this week adn they both passed! haha also we had a SUPER spiritual lesson with nancy. so her grand kids were running around the house during the lesson while we were teaching the restauration and so we were just hoping that we could have one spiritual moment and right before the first vision one kid left with his dad and the other just stopped doing anything and listened and the spirit was so strong when i told the first vision! is was insane! everyone in the room was just like...... WOW! haha its was so cool!

we had splits with some elders. it was fun! just had the golf course that is in our zone just stare me in the face the time! i know a member that plays so im definetly going to be playing some golf here pretty soon!!!

hahah we walked all day and did lots of contacts!

FAMILIA BERNAL CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! haha and there cousin also came to church! they are all super excited for there baptism!!! haha we also had one lesson with some member and got some referecnes and we are going to start working with them and then also we went and got our clothes from one fo the members that washed our clothes and she gave us marraige counsel for  45 min.! haha it was pretty funny!!!

love you guys and send me a ton of pics of bear lake!!!!

love you alll a ton!!!!
LES AMO!!!!!
Elder EThington

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7

haha thank you for that and im glad you guys had a somewhat fun but a little boring forth of july! thats sweet that ely had his party! haha how many people showed up? and how many girls!? hahah! haha i wanted to call josie chipmunk cheeks but i guess thats not going to happen hahah but it would have been nice.....   haha it is a little wierd that she is hanging out with jordan but haha jordan is a good girl and so who cares! hahah freaking heck that sounds super good to have carne asada! we are actually going to have a district activity finally! haha and we are cooking BBQ!!!!!!!! 8) :) (:
well solange is super good and is 19. and with eduardo we actually werent able to see him this last week because he was sick and the had to go to valparaiso. haha well it is pretty freaking cold ill be honest but so far im good! if i could have anything it would be if you could go to the church website and look and the gloves that missionaries can were and buy some that are like those first 3 that are there haha with no brand name marks if you can! and if you could send a couple packets of biscuits and gravy and some more BBQ seasoning!

well one of the members took us out around his house and showed us around. and we got to meet some of the people that live close and we got reference from his to a incomplete family that has a ton of people living there! it was sweet and we finally know where more people live now.. haha we in that part of our sector! haha our sector is giant! its from like our house to where josh lives and as wide as 700 to 1000! hahah its really big!!!

well we were going to have a interchange but the elder wasnt feeling to good (espiritualmente) to work so we worked again and got to know another part of our sector and we talked to a member whos friend was taking the lessons abut stopped and now after this activity for the referendes the member felt like she should talk to him and he wants to hear the missionaries again and so does his mom! YAHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! we have a lesson wtih them this thursday so keep you fingers crossed and keep them in your prayers!!! se llaman nicolas y su mama jaja.  and we walked alot that day! haha!

well we had a lesson with a recent converyt andshe is getting ready to go the temple and its is going to be super sweet for her to baptize her mom and dad. we also taught solange, marian, alex, constanza, and thier mom monica! haha they promised to live 4 main commandment but we did change ther fecha for 19 of july so that they can all get baptized together! hahah its going to be freaking sweet!!!! we also had a huge family home evening with them and we ate completos! ahmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they are so good!!! hahah but the bad part is that the pet turtle of constanza died...... NOOOOOO!!!!
ill be honest we just had weekly planning and we talked to some people! haha and had a meeting with the ward to finish the day!

i sat in a meeting all day...... hahah no but it was super sweet! its the meeting with all the ZL s in the mission so we had a nice time there and i at some good oven cooked chicken and an alfajor that is also delicious! hahah there were some people that had fourth of july ties and president made them change there ties... hahah made me laugh ill be honest.! and we had another lesson with the family bernal and they are super good! hahah we taught them about prayer and finished the day there!  i ate and egg to end the great 4th of july!!! MERICA!!!!!

well we had other splits with some elders and i was with elder marsh who just got here a month ago! he is a good guy and is super fun to be around. he still has got to break out of his shell of the IM COOL phase but he is getting there and im excited to see what he does!


THE FAMILIA BERNAL CAME TO CHURCH!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! haha al fin!!! so they kept there date and are going to get dunked!!! like everyone at the pool we got at the house!!!! hahah we also found a new kid to teach he is 14 and is a friend of a member and we are going to try  to get his dad dunked with him too if we can in july along with the family bernal!!!!! hahah yesterday we walked alot! hahaha and i mean alot!!! but we survived! 

love you mom and thank you for the help! i wnat you to know that i love extremly much and i can not wait to just sit down on the couch and watch crazy alien show on the history channel with you!!!! hahah and believe it or not we did service this week and i actually miss pulling weeds! hahah so make sure there is a health amount there for me to pull when i get back!

love you mamita!!!
Elder Ethington