Friday, July 10, 2015

July 6th 2015

so i just got out of the doctors office for my eye and it turns out that i have got a stigmatism (i think that is what its called) and so i will be getting glasses in like that next week! they gave me a perscription and so i will be going to look quite hipster in the next week or so! do you guys think that i should wait to get nice glasses at home or should i get some that will make it last me till i get home? its going to be really wierd!! mom dont you have a stigmatism also with one of you eyes? and doesnt grandpa phillips have one or had one at least? that lady said it is probably genetic!

so we had a change of president this week! its really wierd but that is how life is we got lots of changes in it!! haha so the first change that we had was on friday!! haha we got the news that we were able to watch the game betweeen chile and argentina for the final game of the american cup on saturday!! (im not going to send pictures this week because we are in the same cyber that i got the virus last time but i will next week!! THE GAME WAS AWESOME!! haha we got to watch all 120 min, they went  into overtime, and the penalties that they did and i even got it recorded when alexis sanchez make the last penalty to win the game! haha me and my comp wore my jerseys that i have and we really enjoyed it a lot! it felt wierd to be able to just sit down and watch TV haa that wa the first time in  a year and a half that i havent watched tv like that haha! it was aweseom!!!

we also had a miracle this week too!! so CHile is in a drought right now that is really bad and so the area 70's decided to do a fast fromsaturday to sunday so that it would fast! haha guess what! it rained after church on sunday! THE CHURCH IS TRUE LADYS AND GENTLEMEN!!! haha it was really cool and i wasnt in the least bit angry to walk around in the rain.

me and my comp are gettin along really well and i feel like we are progressing very good as a companionship. its  hard to seee really big results in this ward but it isnt impossible! haha we had 19 people com to church this last week. like everyone that was at the dinner table in the picture went to church. with the same amount of kids also! hahah its really intersting an there is a lot of work to be done here!

im feeling good and im drinking lemon weed at night that some members gave us so that i can sleep and rest my body more. haha it helps A LOT!!!

love you mom!! sorry that the letter is so short!! not enought time to write sometimes!!!