Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 17th

jaja my bien! ¡Su español es perfecto! o a lo menos no puedo decernir entre su español y su portuges!
how are the olympics going? ive seen a few commercialls for them but yeah thats about it so far! haha
well the temp is about the same here! we hav e had to were sweaters for the past week at night when we are out walking. haha we walk quite a bit but we also take a bus or a taxi if we have to because our sector is huge!
haha digging holes is probably one of the funnest things you can do. haha me and jaxon were bored once at katies house so we went outside her house and dug a hot tub in the ground for about 2 hours haha. its was pretty sweet! but we never used it!
have you seen any of the moms around or at walmart or anything!
oh speaking of walmart! we have here Liders which is the same as walmart! its was like walk into the walmart at home! its was crazy! they had betty crocker brownie mix, so that is what we used for the  ward family home evening, and they turned out way good! also they had green tabasco sauce! haha its awesome! it also made me a little sad but there isnt anything i can do about it!
haha that sounds like Ely. haha tell him to make sure to not put his underwear on his head instead of his beeny!
we taught a bunch this week and especially  yesterday also! haha yesterday we taught 10 lessons! and also we got 18 referalls from one family home evening we had this week and today we are going to teach 2 or 3 of the references in another family home evening! we didnt have the baptisms for now but we are working with them to get them going! we are going to have one baptism march 1st and maybe a second that same day! I like my companion. he is a good guy and wants the best for the district ( hes district leader) and wants to work for the Lord!
we found a new investigator yesterday and he is really open to what we have to say and has a pretty good understanding the things in this world are pretty much worthless after we die. its cool to see the survey work so well here haha its sweet! I lent the book to the american that i had splits with these week because he was talking and wanted to work efficiently and so i gave him the book to read for the week and he was way excited to read it! 
also i know this church is true!
love you mom!

Feb. 10

well quite frankly this week was pretty incredible!! we taught 34 lessons this week in total! we are doing what we need to be doing not just walking around trying to find people we are TEACHING people! its awesome! there are so many people here we can contact a ton of people and yesterday was the best day of the them all. so to start off Saturday after lunch i felt like i needed to fast so i started my fast and things started going pretty well. had 5 of 6 lessons and its was cool. woke up sunday and we went to church and during sacrament meeting a few of the youth bore their testimonies about the EFY that they went to. as the last one got up to bear his testimony I started noticing that around him he was glowing. haha crazy i know but just hold on. i thought that i was just seeing stuff and needed to eat but as he was bearing his testimony his ¨light¨ or auora got brighter as he started really talking and feeling the spirit. so at this point the gifts of the spirit are starting to pop into my head. haha after a lady in the ward was giving her talk and i could see the same thing with her and it was the same. when she started to REALLY bear her testimony her glow got brighter. and during church and after during the meeting i kept seeing it. we had a meeting with the bishop and i could see a faint glow around him and yeah. then we went to a members house for lunch. i ended my fast thinking that was a pretty sweet experience. and went down stairs to eat. as we were eating the mom commented how her family had reactivaded themselves the last month. and that her daughter, Millaray,  that is 10 isnt baptized. The girl then told us that she wants to be baptized. haha it just fell into our lap! it was crazy sweet! after lunch we taught her the first lesson and  set a date for baptism. haha march 2. my birthday. haha it was crazy! and it is going to be a sweet birthday!
Besides Millaray, we have 1 baptism for sure this week and it could be two if we see more effort from one guy. and we are working on a third that is just nervous about what her kids will think if she gets baptized. and tomorrow we are going to do the activity for the refrences. haha so yeah it was pretty sweet week to say the least!
there are a ton of hills here. ha ha we walked up a hill the other day the was probably 1/3 of a mile long. haha and that was to start off the day! tons of hills here but i just gotta enjoy it! and also this week we had lunch with the mamita and both her sons are Boy Scouts! haha we talked for a good 45 min about scouts and the older son is going to try to buy me 4 patches that say Boy Scouts Chile for me. should i buy more?
also we gave a blessing to a lady and her husband had a companion in his mission in Chile, Conception, 1989-1990
oh and if you send anything my way soon the bishop here love stephen kat perry and if you can send him the cd The Best Of, with the song ¨until the next time¨ and the new light CD he would be a very very happy man. haha just take the money out of my account if you do send anything.
well the fruit here is way cheap so we I have bought a ton of fruit yougurt and oatmeal and in the moring I cut up fruit in a bowl and eat the fruit with oats and yogurt. and an omelet also usually. haha and then we have lunch at a members house which is usually pasta or rice and meat or something like that. and then we eat dinner sometimes but most of the time i just buy a pear or a slice of a watermelon for dinner. and yeah sometimes we cook eggs in the night too. but dont worry im not starving myself im just only eating when im hungry. haha
did you talk to max and kelly about Elder Marriot?

all is well here!
Elder Ethington

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 2nd

haha yeah yesterday i kinda realized that it was the superbowl but i hadnt heard anything about it! haha sounds like the denver donkeys got trashed!

well i got transfered! right now im in Viña del Mar, nueva aurora. all i can say is holy hills! haha its pretty incredible! i have a pretty sweet view of all of Viña and also all of Valpariso! our ward alone is bigger than all of Los Vilos and so we have a lot more people to work with and alot more members!
it was pretty hard to say goodbye to the familia sanchez this last week. but we gave them the papers for the goal to go to the temple when the son turns 12. haha i almost cried but i kept myself together. and elder villatoro finished his mission also so we had to say goodbye to him also and that sucked. haha i just want to like a maniac until i leave so i can help everyone i can.
 yesterday we had 2 baptisms. 1 was for the ward and the other was ours. i got to baptized the little guy, his name is sebastian ( he was the wards baptism) and my new companion Elder Campzanos  baptized the other! so that was pretty sweet!

 and we have one other that is ready for baptism and another that we commited to baptism the first day that i was in the area. but after that we dont have to many people to teach. well to say the least i think i am seeing the Lords hand helping me use the methods from that book. i try to use it whenever i can. my comp is district leader and our first meeting that we had, he had me introduce the contacting method because the district is having a hard time finding new investigators. in 3 days the Hermanas found 7 new investigators and everyone else is having success also. and he has yet to see the refference method haha. its different not having my trainer. haha ill just say that. thank you for my work ethic mom. haha.

oh so my zone leader is from layton, Elder Marriot, turns out he is friends with max and kelly and his dad works with gary! haha what a small freaking world!!!

haha also our bathroom broke and so that was pretty sweet.

i hope things liven up a little! if you want something to do here and there, if you could find activites to do for family home evening that would be sweet!? and also how is greg and his family?

true and faithful! i like it! we have the challenge to read the book of mormon 4 times this year and its sweet! im realizing how awesome the gospel is! its kinda sweet! we have tons of examples in the scriptures for the situations that we are in! like nephi he was true and faithful to the end! and truely wanted the best for everyone through the gospel! true and faithful. haha i wont kill my companion hopefully haha!
 love you mom! thank you for your examples and everything you have done for me. haha its helps to here from you! love you!
elder campozano is from ecuador, the capital. and yeah everyone that i have talked to here in the ward has complimented me on my spanish. alot of them think that i have been in the mission for a lot longer that 4 months so that is really cool and satisfying to hear. thank you for making me take those spanish classes in jr high and high school! haha it has helped a ton whether i knew it or not!

thank you! I hope we can use the book for everything its worth during my mission! haha mom i only have 5 weeks left before i hit 6 months! its crazy!
nope! this next week im going to buy a coat and some sweaters for the winter as its starting to get cold and night! and its gets cold faster in Viña and valpo so its will probably be starting soon.

Elder Ethington