Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 24th

well mom to be honest ive got a lot of mixed feelings.

sprititually i feel really good! i honestly feel like i have been turned into such a better version of my old self and that is a great blessing in my life. i can feel that God and Christ love me and they are here for us all. 

mentally. its like i am really happy sometimes and other times its hard not to be sad. im happy to see you guys haha its actually really hard to focus because i just want to hang out with you guys but other times its sad and scary to see that what i have come to know and love is ending and so its just a really crazy feeling. pluss with my Elder Gardel he has been doing really good with the seizures but its just hard cause he is lazy and we have to tell him to do everything of he just sits there. but i can say that Elder Gardel is an honest fool haha he is really nice but he just needs to be kicked in the butt a few times a day and plug himself in more to what is happening.

physically. digestive problems came back this weekend and they are taking there toll. i feel tired worn out and not a lot of motivation for anything. its hard. i still have this rest schedule going on but i still  am tired when i get home and im sleeping almost 3 extra hours everyday. it frustrating. i feel like satan is really trying get me with this and then once i get home its all going to stop! i just want it to stop now haha but beggars cant be choosers! haha yesterday while in the chapel bathroom "taking care of my duties" i was by myself and i had a 10 min conversation with Heavenly Father. haha i was talking out loud and probably sounded crazy if anyone would have heard me (no one was in the chapel except my comps) but i honestly felt a lot more relieved and less afflicted i guess you could say after and that helped a lot!

So that couple completely shut us down and they dont want to share with us anymore. there fam doesnt think that they need to be baptized again. the husband was really awesome and he wants to keep listening but not enough to say no to his family and so we have stopped teaching them but esteban is going strong for his baptism and he is going to get baptized on the 4th instead of the 5th. he is really prepared and so we are just trying to keep him progressing while we wait for the date to get here

i got a few pics but my camera stopped showing me the pics and the virus it has is just making things worse so i will show you everything first hand!
i have got my goals for after my mission and its really wierd to think about what i am going to be able to do after! haha i feel so wierd right now!!

love you mom just keep praying for us and please pray for my health so that i can make it home in one piece!

LOVE YOU! im excited to see you guys!       Elder Ethington

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