Monday, August 24, 2015

July 20th

so on monday we were able to rest up a little bit in the pension and then we had a really good family home evening with and investigator and his family who are members. we watched the video "The Masters touch" and it just talks about a violin (us) and how when played correctly buy someone who knows what they are doing (God) everything goes better in our life and the people that matter most see who we really are! its a really good video and we had a good time!

we had conference with our new Pres and his wife!
it was really fun and he is really good and teaching. he was the president of institute in Santiago and so he understands really welll how to teach so that people understand and want to learn more adn so he shared some of his wisdom with us!  so we were excited for that and we had a really good time at the conference and president díaz is a really loving guy and is really sincere in what he says and does! Im jealous of the missionaries that are going to be here to really get to know him! but not too jealous. haha im going to get to be with my family soon! and then i got my glasses also! haha HIPSTER CRAZE HARD CORE!! haha i figured i might as well try it out while im here and if i dont like how it looks i can change when i get home! haha it feels really different to have glasses! and man i was BLIND!!!!!! haha after putting on the glasses it was a big change and serioiusly i couldnt even handle it! haha i could actually see! its awesome! and i feel like my head is a lot clearer now!

well the digestive problems have came back and really its freaking annoying! haha we did service but i was really tired the whole day which usually doesnt happen to me. haha i have been blessed with energy for all of my mission but it was a pretty hard day! so we taught a few lessons and the nurse told me to eat like beans and rice bread oatmeal and try not to eat the meat that if its not fresh fresh or something that has to be safe (something packaged good.....thats from the states..). and we taught an investigator and she was really sick and tired and we were able to give her a blessing and immediately after the blessing she felt a lot better and she was a lot more excited to have us come back! and then we talked with and ex stake pres that lives in our ward and he is really smart! 

so my digestive probs continued and i talked to the nurse again in the night time and she is having me rest right after our comp studies for and hour and and hour after we have lunch so that my stomach can relax and digest normally. my comp thinks that im suffering from exhaution and thats why its going bad. the 2 hours of rest i just fall right asleep so haha maybe i am a light worked haha. it has helped a lot along with not eating the bad meat has helped a lot and i feel a lot better and so i am going to find and alternative for the meat so that i dont get fat from eating all these grains!! one of our investigators realized by himself that if he doesnt get baptized he is going to spirit prision. haha that was a big step for him and we hope to get things going more! his wife just got made relief society pres too so  we are exicted!

we didnt teach anyone and it was kind of a really fast day.

we had lunch with someone that live in the campo and it was really fun but it was a long walk and then after we taught a few people  and some less active poeple that just started commenting very rudely about the temples and it was a really intense lesson to say the least. our bishop cam with us and it was good because they really formed a good relationship with him after that and came to church on sunday! haha it was a goofy lesson!

we had 24 people come to church but we had a lot fo people sign up for the activity that we are going to do this week so we are hoping to see some good results from that!

love you mom!

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