Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 17th

haha we did get the power back on in the house on tuesday so we are very happy now! haha it has been really nice to have light in the house and not have to study with a fire! we really werent burning that much! in like the 6 days that we didnt have light we used like 7-8 bottles of 100ml! alright that might still be a lot but not enough to think we were buring a matress!! but we are all better now!!

thats really crazy about crissy and ashton because i actually was thinking about what was happening with them yesterday! haha that just might be and impression from the Spirit!

so esteban is doing really good! but he didnt come to church! he still wants to get baptized! its so cool how well he understands the gospel and how well he can just absorb everything! so yesterday as we were leaving his house to i asked him how he was doing with his reading in the book of mormon and he told me that he hadnt read for a couiple days and he commited himself in the moment to read when we left and start reading again! normally, with others, its like pulling teeth! sometimes i think i should be a dentist after the mission after seeing how much people react when you ask them about their reading.

and more good news! two of our other investigators accepted to get baptized on the 5th as well!! she is the best hair cutter in the city that im in (which is a big city!) and he was a professional soccer player and played for the national Chilean team in the late 50's and they already know a lot of people in the ward so we are just really trying to help them understand the doctrine better! Monica, she smokes, so i want to ask you guys to pray for her so that she can have the desire and can achieve the goal of not smoking! that would be awesome!!

its really crazy to get my trunky papers! its like a dream! haha

the list of thing that i want to eat when i get home
1. blueberry madbrook donut
2. 44 oz mountain dew (easy on the ice) from maverick.
3. carls jr monster biscuit. (with BBQ sauce if possible..... Sweet baby rays)

and that would be it for now! ill update you if there is anything else!!

 also this week was pretty scarry!
my comp Elder Gardel, had two siezures on thursday! i was doing my rest thing, so that i dont have digestive problems, and all of the suddent the bed started shaking and i look down and he was convulsing after that passed he was contious of what what happening but barely and my other comp elder pedersen called the nurse and was getting intructions from her. turns out elder gardel has had this his whole life and is taking pills for it but for some reason it happened to him. and then that night it also happened to him again and we were up till like 12 with him and then me and elder pedersen couldnt fall asleep till 3 in the morning and since then everytime we are sleeping and he moves i wake up with my heart beating and think he is having a seizure again. haha i have had a few nights where i havent gone to bed till late. but he hasnt had anyproblems since and just here waiting to help him if anything happens again.

but dont worry we gave him a blessing and the Lord is helping us a lot!!
we had a good week!
love you all!
Elder Ethington

Geneology work!! 1 nephi 5:14-17 we will have the spirit with us and recieve personal revelation!

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